Hathras case: why the family did not get the medical report

Posted on 1st Oct 2020 04:24 pm by rohit kumar

Two youths are standing some distance away from the alleged gang rape in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. One has tied a pesticide spraying machine on the waist. He went out to spray pesticides on his crop. Instead of going to the farm, they have come here.


These Dalit youth are very angry. They do not know the victim. On being asked, he says, "We have had a cruelty with our sister. Our blood is boiling. Ever since I read about her on social media, we are restless. We will not tolerate such incidents now. Let elections come," Will go. "


There are fields of millet here. The crop is higher than the man. When the strong wind blows, the falling earrings of the millet start making noise. The alleged gang rape took place in Bajre's farm, about 100 meters from the road connecting the village to the main road. Journalists have started visiting the scene.


Some local journalists found here say, "This incident was not as big as it has been made. The truth of it can be something else."


When I asked him if the truth was different, then why didn't you report, he said, "Feelings are boiling over this incident. Why should we take any risk for ourselves?"


However, there was no concrete evidence to support his point. They were saying more than heard and heard. Later these 'things' were also heard in the village.


The question raised by informal conversations with local journalists further deepens the statement of SP Vikrant Veer of Hathras that the doctors who prepared the medical report have not yet confirmed the rape. A forensic investigation report is awaited. Only then a clear opinion can be given about it.


The family of the alleged gang-rape victim has still not been given a medical report. When the victim was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, even her family did not have a medical report.


The victim's brother says, "The police have not given us full papers. Our sister's medical report has not been given to us yet." When SP Vikrant Veer was questioned about this, he said that this information is confidential. Is part of the investigation. We are collecting every evidence related to the incident. Forensic evidence has also been gathered.


SP repeatedly emphasizes that the victim did not suffer the kind of torture that has been claimed in media reports.


He says, "His tongue was not cut. The spinal cord was also not broken. His neck was broken due to increased pressure on the throat, which affected the nervous system."


In a video recorded shortly after the incident, the victim has not spoken about her rape. In this, he has named the main accused and talked about the attempt to murder.


However, in another video recorded in the hospital and the statement given to the police, the victim has spoken of gang rape with her. In this video, the victim says that the main accused had tried to seduce and rape her earlier too. About the day of the incident, she says, "Two people raped, the others ran away after hearing my mother's voice."


Recalling the day of the incident, the victim's mother says, "I was cutting the grass, I told the daughter to collect the grass, she was collecting the grass. She was able to make only one pile. When I did not see it So I went looking for her. I kept searching for her for an hour. I felt that she had not gone home. I cut three walks in the fields. Then I found her lying in the field near the rams. She was dragged sardine around her neck. She was lying unconscious. . All the clothes were off. "


She points back to the neck, saying, "The spine was broken. The tongue was clenched. It seemed as if Feliz had been killed. My girl had no life."


The victim took only one young man's name in his first statement. On this question, her mother says, "When we took her out of the millet, she was not completely unconscious, then she told the name of one. Then after an hour, she fainted. Four days later she came to sleep So told the whole thing that there were four boys. "


The victim's family took Chandpa to the police station before taking her to the hospital. This police station is about a quarter to two kilometers from the scene. Her mother says, "She was vomiting blood all over the way. The tongue was turning blue. I asked her son to tell me something, she just said that I am strangled, I can't tell. Then she Insensitive. "


The autopsy report issued by the Safdarjung Hospital has stated, "The cause of death has been attributed to a deep spinal injury near the throat and the subsequent injuries. The report says that there are traces of pressing of the throat, But this is not the cause of death. It has also been said in the medical report that the viscera report is yet to come and only then the exact cause of death can be told. "


After the victim's death, a spokesperson of the Safdarjung Hospital had said, "A 20-year-old woman underwent neurosurgery in the new emergency block at 3:30 pm on September 28. She was referred from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Aligarh Muslim University At the time of recruitment, his condition was very critical. He had cervical spine injury, quadriplegia, and septicemia. He died on September 29 at 6.25 am despite all the efforts and treatment. "


In this alleged gang rape case on September 14, the police have changed the sections of the FIR three times. The first murder attempt was filed. After that, sections of gangrape were added. Following the death of the victim on September 29 in a Delhi hospital, sections of murder have also been added.


The first arrest in this case was made by the police after five days. On whether there was any negligence in the investigation by the police, the Superintendent of Police says, "On September 14, at around 9.30 am, the victim came to the police station with her mother and brother. The victim's brother had told the police that the chief The accused has strangled her with the intention of killing. We had filed an FIR at 10:30 pm on this information received at 9:30 pm. "


SP Vikrant Veer says, "The victim was immediately sent to the district hospital. From where she was referred to Aligarh Medical College. Treatment also started immediately. Based on Tahrir FIR FIR 307 and SC-ST Act registered. Then when the victim said something worth mentioning, the Investigating Officer, who is a Circle Officer, took a statement, in which the victim took the name of another boy and said that he was molested. These statements we have audio-video Is in. After this statement, another accused's name was added to the report. "


"After this, on the 22nd, the victim told her about the rape and involvement of four people. When asked why she had taken the names of two people earlier and told about the molestation, she said that before that she was very conscious After this statement of the victim, we set up teams for the arrest of 376D i.e. gangrape, and the accused were arrested. Soon the other three accused were also arrested and sent to jail. "


The victim has mentioned gang rape in her statement given in the hospital. But does the medical report confirm gang rape? On this question, the SP says, "The medical report is an important evidence. In the medical report we have just received, the doctors have studied the injuries but have not confirmed the . We are yet to get the forensic report." Waiting. Only then will he give an opinion on it. There is no mention of any injury on the private parts of the victim. This medical report will be part of our case diary. "


Funeral in the dark of night

Police had cremated the victim late on Tuesday night. The family members allege that they were forced to close the house and were forced to perform the last rites. However, the police say that the funeral took place in the presence of family members.


In this way, after the forced funeral in the darkness of the night, the anger and anger of the family and the Dalit community has increased. Some people called it the 'second rape' of the victim. At the same time, this act of the police is also being seen as an attempt to erase evidence. The outraged people said that the police had done away with the possibility of 'post mortem' by performing the last rites in this way.


The victim's brother told the BBC, "Our relatives were beaten up. Forcibly burnt him. We do not even know whose cremation the police have done. He was not allowed to see the face for the last time. What was the police hurry to do?" "


When we asked the same question to the SP, he said, "It was too late for the deaths. Post-mortem and Panchnama action had taken place at 12. It was due to some reasons that the victim's body was not brought immediately. The victim's father And his brothers came with the dead body. The family decided to perform the last rites at night. The police had helped in collecting wood and other things for the funeral. The family had performed the last rites. "


What do the relatives of the accused have to say?


The house of the accused is not far from the victim's house. A large joint house houses the families of three accused. When I arrived here, there were only women in the house. They said that their children have been falsely implicated.


One of the accused is 32 years old and the father of three children. The other is 28 years old and has two children. The remaining two are around 20 years old and are not married.


When their mothers were asked if their sons were not involved, then why was their name taken, they said, "This is a very old rivalry. This is their job. Make false accusations. Then take the money later." Lo. We take compensation from the government as well as from the people. "


Family members said that the police had not arrested them, but they were present. One woman says, "When the name comes, we have given our children to the police."


The mother of one of the accused says that her son works on milk dairy and was there on the day of the incident. His attendance can be checked.


The family members of the accused were repeatedly referring to their nobleness and the victim's family being Dalits. The mother of the accused says, "We are Thakurs, those Harijans, what do they mean to us. If they appear on the way, we make a distance from them there. Why touch them, why will they go here?"


What do the villagers have to say about the accused?

People's opinion about the accused is divided based on their relationship with their family. Some women of the nearby Thakur family say that an accused was already like this. Used to tease girls moving in the street. Youths belonging to some Thakur families working on their farm also say, "This family is like this. They keep on fighting and fighting. If there is a big family, no one speaks for fear of them. All are united. They dominate. No one will speak against them in the village. "


Another young man working on another farm some distance away says, "Sir, this is not what you are thinking about this incident. Now SIT will investigate. In a week everyone will know what happened. Keep watching. The team is coming to the village. "


"This is not the first time that we have been attacked like this. Our daughter-in-law cannot go to the farm alone. And this daughter went with her mother and brother," says an elderly member of a neighboring Dalit family. This happened to her even then. These people have made our lives hell. We only know how we are living in this hell. "


Casteism in the village

Mostly Thakur and Brahmin families live in this village, situated about 160 km from the national capital, Delhi. There are about a dozen houses of Dalits, which are around.


There is no direct connection between the Dalits and the rest of the people of the village. After this incident, the so-called upper caste people have not consoled by going to the victim's house. Relatives of the victim also said that they are not related to people of another caste.


The minor brother of an accused repeatedly mentions his caste, calling his brother innocent. He says, "We are Gehlot Thakur, our caste is far above them. We will touch them, go to them."


Outrage in Dalits

The police have barricaded all the routes to reach the village. Most people are being stopped outside. Journalists are also being allowed to go to the village on foot. People belonging to the Dalit community want to reach the victim's home and console her. But the police are blocking them out.


A delegation of Dalits from Uttarakhand was also stopped outside by the police. People involved in it say, "The government is doing a lot of injustice to us, we will not tolerate it anymore. We cannot even confuse our people by going home." A youth in this group says, "The pride of this government will be broken only in elections".


I took a lift from a bike rider to go from the village to the main road. He was a youth of 18-20 years of age in a village situated about 30 km from here. He works in Noida and came here after finding out about the incident.


He says, "Ever since I came to know about my sister's rape. I am not sitting in peace. I was reading about her on social media every day. Hearing the news of her death, I came to the village immediately. If those poor people If you come in front, shoot me. "


Sit inquiry

The government has now constituted a Special Investigating Team of three members to investigate this incident, which reached Hathras on Wednesday evening. Now the boundaries of the village have been sealed for everyone including the media. SIT has started an investigation.


SIT has to submit its report after one week. The complete truth of the incident will be known only in the investigation of SIAT. Whatever the truth of the incident, it probably will not make much difference now. The anger of the Dalit community has flared up after this incident, it will not be very easy to stop it now.


Questions arising on the role of police

After this incident, many serious questions have arisen on the initial investigation and role of the police, whose answers are yet to be found.


1. Why did the police not seal the site of the incident? Why not collect evidence from there in the first days of the incident?


2. Why did you forcefully cremate in the dark of night?


3. Why not share her medical report with the victim's family?


4. Why technical evidence was not collected and why the arrest of the accused was delayed?


However, on these questions, SP Vikrant Veer of Hathras said, "The police have not done any negligence in their work. All the evidence has been collected and is being collected. The incident is being judged impartially. No offense will be left." And no innocent shall be falsely implicated. "


He says, "Our investigation is going on at its own pace, we will take justice to the victim by taking the case to a fast track court."

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