How ready is Bihar; Parties, leaders who say it, but half the population is confused about whether to vote or see family safety

Posted on 29th Sep 2020 03:41 pm by rohit kumar

Election dates were announced and at the same time, the electoral stir in Bihar intensified. All parties have entered into a round of breathtaking claims on their behalf. But, what half the population of Bihar i.e. women voters are thinking, this is a big question. This is because Bihar is the only state where women have a higher voting percentage than men.


On this basis, it can be said that the reins of government in Bihar have come in the hands of half the population. In every election, women have repeatedly proved that their vote can play a decisive role in the victory or defeat of the parties.


This is the reason why Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took the initiative in his government's decisions, from girl child education to reservation for women in panchayat elections, which also benefited them. But, a lot has changed this time. The questions arising from half the population are forcing us to think whether this time everything will remain the same or will it look like revenge!


This question is also because this time the Bihar election is not being held under normal circumstances but amid fears of Corona. Even in political parties, there is a doubt about whether the voters will leave the house as usual or not. In this context, the issue of women's voting becomes more serious.


These days women are usually leaving the house less anyway. He fears Corona lest other members of the family, especially children, become transition carriers. Their concern is also not unreasonable.


Women have the dual responsibility of taking care of themselves, not just their children, but also the elders of the household. In the current era, the fear of corona infection has surrounded him in a new sense of all-round responsibility.


Men are forced to work out of the house even in the adverse situation due to corona due to compulsion, but most of the women leaving the working women are leaving less. Working women are also preferring work from home for safety reasons.


We knew women from their opinion

We reached out to women directly with some such questions. We first met female entrepreneur Usha Jha. Will you go to vote or not? His direct answer was it depends on the circumstances. Will go to vote only if satisfied with preparations for the rescue of Corona at polling stations.


But, he also questioned - Are the preparations of polling booths enough to protect them from corona? Said- If you do not vote, it will hurt, but the most important thing to do at this time is to be healthy and safe. Had the election been a few more days, it would have been good.


We also met Indu and Amrita. Both work at Usha Jha's. His opinion is also not much different. She says that it has become so difficult to come to work that even if we cannot think of going to vote. Working to run a family is necessary, so they are leaving, but will think about casting votes. His gesture is also on the surrounding pressure.


Pratibha Singh is a homemaker and blogger. She says that I will go to vote. All the work is being done, then why should this work be left out? It is also important, yes it is a bit difficult, but I will go to vote.


Medical student Sakshi is also of the same opinion. Social activist Sarita Sajal is enthusiastic about casting her vote. She says, it is difficult but I will go to vote. I will take full care of my safety. However, the fear of Corona is equal to all.


This was the opinion of the youth. We asked our question to 65-year-old Prabhavati Devi whether she would go to the polls. Prabhavati Devi, who has been voting enthusiastically till now, flatly refused. Said that in today's circumstances when it is difficult for us to leave our house, we do not think that our children will let us vote.


Maneka, who runs a beauty parlor, also has a similar opinion. She says that neither I am leaving the house nor women are coming to the parlor. In such a situation, it seems very difficult to go to vote. Even if I refuse myself, how can I convince the family?


There is a difference of 40 lakh 14 thousand 432 in the number of female and male voters in Bihar

Bihar has a total of 7 crore 6 lakh, 3778 voters. There is a difference of 40 lakh 14432 in the number of male and female voters. If we look at the number of women voters compared to men in major districts of the state, Gopalganj has the highest number of women voters per 1000. Their number here is 992.


At the same time, Munger has the least number of female voters, where their number is 848 per 1000 men. Talking about Patna, there are 905 female voters per thousand male voters.

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