Know what is the treatment of Covid-19 cytokine therapy? Trial is going on in Karnataka

Posted on 22nd May 2020 11:54 am by rohit kumar

Doctors all over the world are using different medicines and therapies in the treatment of coronavirus, which is spreading waste. Some time ago in India, the clinical trial of Plasma Therapy was approved in the treatment of serious patients of Corona. After this, many patients were saved with the help of plasma therapy in some states including Karnataka (Karnataka) and Delhi (Delhi). At the same time, now the Directorate General of Health (DGHC) has approved the trial of Cytokine Therapy in the treatment of Covid-19.


The most important feature of cytokine therapy is that it can be used only during minor symptoms that occur during the onset of infection. That is, there is no need to wait for the patient's condition to worsen for its use. Let us know what is cytokine therapy and how it is used?


When will corona patients be used in the treatment

The Directorate General of Health has allowed the HCG Cancer Hospital in Bengaluru in Karnataka to undergo cytokine therapy trials under the New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules, 2019. In fact, in order to limit the deaths caused by the corona virus in Karnataka, health officials had long since started treatment through cytokine therapy.


The hospital has already been approved to treat corona patients through Plasma Therapy. Currently, the first phase trials of Safety Trials with Cytokine Therapy continue. It is expected that this therapy will be offered as a treatment to Covid-19 patients sometime in June, if all phase trials are successful.


Why use therapy with initial symptoms?

Cytokine therapy will be used on elderly patients in whom the infection has been identified with early symptoms. Of the 41 deaths reported so far in Karnataka, 26 corona patients were older than 60 years. Dr. Gururaj, director of iCREST, a joint initiative of International Stemsel Services and HCG Hospitals, said that through this therapy, we are ready to compete by increasing the immunity of elderly patients of Covid-19 before their infection spreads. Want to do it.


Dr. Gururaja said that if this therapy will be used in case of worsening of the patient, then the immune system can be overactive. Over-reaction of the immune system can cause a lot of swelling, pneumonia, or other problems in the patient's internal organs. This can make things worse from bad to worse. Therefore, it is necessary to use this therapy as soon as the initial symptoms of infection are revealed.


How cytokine therapy is used

Cancer specialist Dr. Vishal Rao had claimed in the last week of March that he was working on the treatment of Covid-19. At the same time, he also mentioned cytokyl therapy. He told that in response to any kind of infection, the patient's immune system starts making special proteins, which are called cytokines. The human body releases interferon chemicals to kill any virus, but in the case of Covid-19, cells are unable to do so. Due to this, the disease resistance capacity of the corona patient starts to weaken.


This directly means that interferons can be effective in treating Covid-19. Cytokines are injected intermuscularly in treatment using this technique. This improves the patient's immunity and his body starts coping with the corona virus. Dr. Rao said that we are trying to eradicate the corona virus at an early stage of infection. It can also be said to balance the weakening disease resistance due to corona virus with the help of cytokine therapy.

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