Narcotics Bureau inquiry on Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor continues, Sara Ali Khan also reached

Posted on 26th Sep 2020 01:38 pm by rohit kumar

Today, the biggest connection is being made in the drug connection of Bollywood which surfaced in connection with the investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput's death. Deepika Padukone is under interrogation at the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) guest house in Colaba. On the other hand, questions are being asked from Shraddha Kapoor in the office of Ballard Estate of NCB. Sara Ali Khan has also reached the NCB office.


Deepika reached about 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

According to sources, Deepika and Ranveer stayed at the Taj Hotel last night. To avoid media, Deepika left the hotel with a buggy. Ranveer came with Deepika in some other car for some distance. There is a distance of just 100 meters between the NCB Guest House and the Taj Hotel. Deepika was called by NCB at 10 pm but she reached only around 9.50.


All the three actresses can be questioned at 5-5 points.

According to sources, Deepika can be questioned first in private and then her manager Karishma Prakash sitting in front. On the other hand, Sara and Shraddha have been summoned to the head office of Ballard Estate of NCB. All the three actresses can be questioned at 5-5 points.


Deepika may have questions on these points-


1. Have you ever taken or bought drugs? If yes, where and how?


2. Confirm your mobile number. With Karishma Prakash and Jaya Saha


2.17's chat is yours or not?


3. How long have you known Karishma? Describe the details of how you met them.


4. Did you ever ask them to arrange drugs or how often did you ask them to buy drugs? Did you buy drugs for yourself or someone else?


5. Did you pay Karishma? If yes, what was its means? Were there any drugs used in the party that took place in Coco restaurant?


Question on these points from Sara Ali Khan possible-


1. Confirm your mobile number. How did you meet Sushant Singh Rajput and what was your relationship with him?


2. Was Sushant taking drugs since the time of the film Kedarnath? Have you ever taken drugs with him?


3. Did you go to Thailand with Sushant? Did you guys take drugs there or did anyone else in your team do it?


4. How many times have you visited Sushant at the farmhouse in Pavana? Did you attend any party that used drugs?


5. Have you ever bought drugs from anyone? Do you know a person named Karamjit aka KJ? Did he ever bring you drugs?


Shraddha Kapoor can be asked questions on these 5 angles-


1. When and how did you first meet Sushant and Riya? Did you ever see Riya or Sushant taking drugs?


2. Did you join the film Chichhore's party in Pavana in March 2019? If yes, were the drugs used in the party that day, and did you also take drugs?


3. How did you meet Jaya Saha? Who is the SLB you wanted to meet and why? Did she meet him, if so how many times?


4. Do you take CBD oil or were asking for someone else? Jaya through which Jindal are you sending CBD oil?


5. Do you know Karamjit aka KJ? Did he ever bring drugs to you or did anyone who works for you ever buy drugs from him?


How did the drug cases come to the names of the three actresses?


Deepika Padukone: In a group chat on WhatsApp, the conversation between Deepika, her manager Karisma and Sushant's talent manager Jaya Saha on October 28, 2017, has surfaced. Deepika used Karishma to demand goods (drugs) using words like 'hash' and 'weed'. According to sources, the administrator of this group was also Deepika.


Sara Ali Khan: Riya Chakraborty revealed in an interview that Sara Ali Khan was close to Sushant since the time of the film Kedarnath and had joined Sushant's drugs party. Apart from this, she also joined the drugs party held at Sushant's farmhouse in Pavana. A boatman there also said the same thing. The NCB has also received intoxicants from the farmhouse.


Shraddha Kapoor: Some chats between Jaya Saha and Shraddha have surfaced. In this, Shraddha is seeking CBD oil. According to sources, drug peddler Karamjit has confessed to knowing Shraddha and transporting drugs to his house by car.


Rakulpreet confesses to Ria talking about drugs

Rakulpreet was questioned by the NCB for 4 hours on Friday. According to sources, Rakul has confessed to chatting with Riya Chakraborty about drugs. However, he refused to take drugs. Rakulpreet says that they are ready for any medical test and sitting in front of anyone.

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