Preparation To Compete With Covid-19 With Genome Sequencing, Know What It Is And Why?

Posted on 7th Apr 2020 01:04 pm by rohit kumar

Scientists from around the world are trying to stop it by genome sequencing of the SARS-COV-2 virus causing devastation in the world by spreading Kovid-19 disease. Scientists from the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, Peter Thylin and Thomas Mehok, say that different genomes of the virus can be identified by performing genome sequencing.

This will not only help in the search for treatment, but if the virus spreads with new forms, it can be identified. However, this would require international partnership. Know about this study on corona virus.


What is genome sequencing and why is it important?

Genome is the genetic element present in an organism. Genome sequencing technology helps scientists to know and define the genetic information present in the DNA and RNA of the virus. From where the virus found in a patient is known.


Scientists are trying to know how the virus develops by spreading. One thousand genomes of corona have been identified in the world. If scientists have complete sequencing of the virus, then it will help to prevent the epidemic from growing.

How is the virus spreading - understand like this?

absolutely! Whenever the virus changes its form, scientists will be able to know from its genome sequence. How and through which person got the virus at a particular place, how long it changed its form and in which person, it is some such information, due to which the quantity and time of virus spread can be accurately assessed.


The virus also changes itself according to geographical conditions, so the original locations of a particular form can be detected. Such as whether the virus originated in China or from Europe, in which places it flourished in the country, in other areas, through whom and when it can be detected.


What will this help in treating people?

Once the genome sequence is known, one can get an estimate of how many people, in which particular area the virus has spread. Not only the number of positive test patients, but also the preparations for treatment can be made according to the number estimated by this estimate.

How are scientists around the world helping each other?

All countries are now sharing data with each other. Until now, such studies were also receiving information from countries where data was not available and they were called 'data dark spots'. Now the data can be provided from a laptop and mobile phone sized DNA sequencer, there is no need for large laboratories.

Where are the genetic elements of the virus collected?

Genetic elements are isolated from DNA sequencers from swab samples from patients' noses. The more different the samples are collected from different locations, the more detailed the genome sequencing is. This data is uploaded into the database, so that the whole world gets to know about new forms of viruses.

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