See the arrogance of the family of Hathras gang-rape accused, said- We do not even like to sit and speak with them, will our children touch their daughter?

Posted on 1st Oct 2020 03:20 pm by rohit kumar

Barely 160 km from Delhi, Hathras gang-rape victim's village Boolgarhi. It was not possible to go inside the village by four wheels, so I took a lift from a young man on the bike. He started the talk by saying - "People here would like to die, not to get up and sit in a non-community."


He was a nobleman. However, he deeply regretted the gang-rape incident. He went on to say, something went wrong with that Dalit girl. Even in Delhi, when I was talking to the family of the victim at Safdarjung Hospital, his brother and father were repeatedly mentioning caste. Then the question was coming into my mind that is there still so much casteism in our world? On reaching the village, the answer to this question was also found. When I met the family members of the arrested accused, we were told with great affection, 'We do not even like to sit and speak with them, our children will touch their daughter?'


This Thakur and Brahmin population has few houses of Dalits in the village and their world is different. The roots of casteism are deeply entrenched here. People talk about caste in talk. Despite this, the so-called upper caste people had said that this Dalit family is very gentle, does not mean anything or hate to anyone. A Thakur woman from the village says, "People of this family look at the elderly Thakurs and get off their bicycles and walk so that no Thakur feels that these people are walking in front of them, equaling them.


Casteism is so deep here that the Brahmin and Thakur neighbors did not even ask the well-being of the victim's family, it is far from going to their homes to grieve. When I asked the victim's brother if he had joined the people of the village after this incident, he said, "No one has asked till recently, I have overcome the matter." Who talks to us here? '


The victim's sister-in-law is ill. She says this again and again while crying, 'I did not let my daughter see her for the last time. Till now we felt that there will be justice, but what the police did in the night has lost confidence in the government and the police. She says, "How can someone be so inhumane that no one should even see his daughter's face." She lived with me twenty-four hours, her face is rotating in front of my eyes. '


'I spoke to her in the hospital, so she was just saying, take me home somehow, I will be fine at home, I don't feel good here. She wanted to live We are unable to understand what happened in the Delhi hospital that he lost his life. We hoped that she would recover and return home. Didi did not get good treatment. '


When I ask if she ever made any complaint about Sandeep, the main accused, or had ever talked to him, she says, "She never spoke anything to Sandeep. Initially, the policemen were asking if his number was on our mobile. But from which we do not want to talk, which we do not mean, what will its number in our mobile do? Do we feel like contacting people outside? He was not even of our caste. We do not even know people of other castes. The women of our house just mean by their work, who is coming out, who is going, we have no meaning with that stare. There is only one phone in our entire house, he used to live near either father or brother.


She says, "Didi sometimes seemed upset, but she never said with her mouth what she had trouble." She used to get up from four in the morning and was engaged in household work till evening. She used to be a little bothered but never said anything about it. We used to think that perhaps due to the fatigue of working all day, his face becomes like this. There must be something they have not told us.


By somehow avoiding media cameras, the victim's mother tries to cover the scattered utensils in the kitchen. Their eyes have turned red with tears. The throat has sat She has not been able to sleep for many days. She says, Till the daughter did not step into the kitchen, she would not even touch a straw. As they say this, their words change into sobs, tears begin to speak. The painful death of a daughter who had no connection with the world outside her home has broken the family.


The victim's family and Dalits fear that once media cameras go away from here, they will start having problems. Here the Dalits do not have land and people have to work in the fields of the so-called upper caste people. Cutting of grass for animals also has to go to their fields.


The attitude of the police on Tuesday night, as the victim's family, was forced to close the house and perform the last rites, after which insecurity has increased further. On the question of the safety of the victim's family, Superintendent of Police Vikrant Veer says that they have been provided security, police deployment will continue. But how long the police will be able to provide security in this divided society remains a question.


All the people in the village who talked to the victim said that she was a very straight girl and did not get out of the house very much. Sometimes she used to go to the grass with her mother. Even then she did not speak anything to anyone. The school did not go to college, so there was not much understanding of the outside world.


After her death, there is panic among the girls of the village, especially the daughters of Dalit families. There is a fear on his face. When I try to talk to a Dalit girl, she does not speak very much. All she says is, 'So bad with such a good sister. Now, who will dare to go to the farm? But we have to go. You will not die if you are hungry.


There is not much gap between the houses of the victim and the accused. Only women and small children are seen in the house of the accused. While defending the boys in her home, she repeatedly says that her family had no connection with these small castes. Our sons are implicated in the old enmity. Defending her sons, she leaves no chance of abusing the character of the victim.


The old rivalry she is talking about is also related to the incident of molestation. Sandeep's father molested the victim's aunt twenty years ago. When the victim's grandfather protested, he cut his fingers. The villagers refer to that incident and say, the family of the accused is like this, already these people have been harassing women. They are domineering, they talk and talk, so no one speaks against them, they do not go to the police station.


The mother of the accused Ramu says, "These low caste people implicate us in false cases to get compensation from Thakurs. We trust God's court, our banshee will judge. My son was on duty that day. Whoever suspects, can go and check the company's register, but who will listen to us. Everyone is with that family. The minister and the sentry are all going there. The family that will get so much will climb on us. '


On this incident, some people have raised the question that the FIR was changed 3 times and the victim also changed the statement. On this question, the SP says, 'We have filed a case like the victim gave statements. The statements are on video record. Female policemen have recorded her statement in the hospital. He has spoken of gang rape with him. Arrests have been made on the same basis.


SP says, "The girl's tongue was not cut off. The throat was broken, not the spine. The medical report that has just arrived did not confirm. The forensic report is awaited. We are collecting all the evidence. '


On the question of why the victim did not talk about the rape earlier, her mother says, "Three days later, when she came to her senses, she told the whole thing." Complete statement. She wanted justice. 'Last night, the SIT team has also reached the village amid questions arising over the incident, which will now submit its report in a week. The Supreme Court is also monitoring the case. The police have sealed the limits of Hathras, imposing Section 144. The media is no longer allowed into the village, the SIT had arrived last night, now visiting the village.

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