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Correspondence Course
Sardar was driving car very fast. Trafic police caught him. Sardar-Sir, I am learning driving.

Sikh vs Pope
About a century or two ago, the Pope decided that all the Sikhs had to leave Italy . Naturally there

Wish well works
A couple went to a wish well. Santa bent down, threw a coin & made a wish. Wife bent down a litt

1rs ka Petrol
Santa at petrol pump Bhai 1rs ka petrol dal do. Salesman: Bhai itna sa petrol dalva ke kahan jana

Exide Battery
Santa Car ki Battery change karwane gaya. Mechanic: Sahab, Exide ki Daal doon? Santa: Nahin yaar,

Dhakka Start
Ek admi khade-khade chaabi se apna kaan khujla raha tha Santa use gaur se dekhte hue bola- Bhaisa

Train ka Engine
Santa ke lips jale hue the Banta: Kaise jale Santa: Wife ko railway station drop krne gaya tha.

Lion and Sardars
Two Sardars were in a forest, when a lion came roaring towards them. One of them throws sand into it

Side Effects
Once Sardar brought some tablets and started cutting the edges. Do you know why? He wanted to avoid

Keeping Secrets
Jeeto complained to her friend Preeto

"She told me that you told her the secret I told you

Santa in ICU
A man was brought in to the hospital intensive care ward, put in a bed, tubes coming out everywhere.

Santa's Curtains
Santa enters a store that sell curtains.

He tells the salesman, "I would like to buy a pair

Banta's Date
A cop stops his patrol car when he sees Banta and his girlfriend sitting on the curb. Banta is layin

Deep Mines
Santa and Banta decide to apply for jobs at a mine that had opened nearby. After sitting in the wait

Santa`s Dream
Once Santa kept having the same weird dream everynight, so he went to a doctor.

Doctor: Wha

Thai Restaurant
Santa and Banta, along with some friends agreed to try a Thai Restaurant.

While looking at

Outhouse Hole
Santa and his wife, Jeeto, were living in a farm up in the hills. One day, Santa found that the hole

Cross-Eyed Bull
Banta has a cross-eyed bull that keeps bumping into things. He calls up to vet to try to remedy the

Fishing License
Banta was carrying a large fish in a bucket of water away from a lake, which was well known for its

Sharing a Bed
Two drunks, Santa and Banta, enter a hotel late at night. They approach the clerk, and Santa says, "


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