Async WSAConnect failed on XP with error code = 2 ("File not found")

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi all,

I have very strange bug, please help me if you can.

It is reproduced only on these conditions : WinXP, VS2005, VS2008, build in debug, execute without debugging.

On any other configuration or OS this code works fine.
Also works ok with old VC6.0.
I Tested it also on another XP just in case, same behavior.

I've isolated problematic code in a simple console application (no threads etc).
Just putting :
before WSAConnect, and WSAConnect will fail with error code 2 (means : File not found).
Which is not described in MSDN...also this is fail code when it really cannot connect (server is down or invalid).

If I remove WSAEventSelect (i.e. sync connect) all works.
If I debug code, all works.
If I put break point on WSAConnect line and run this app outside studio, then reach this breakpoint (start debugging) and step through WSAConnect WITH debugger it works....

I'm unable to find anything in the net about this strange behavior.
Also I'm trying to connect to FTP server, which works fine.
I'm attaching full code. It only test WSAConnect in async mode, nothing more.


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