count only commas outside parenteses

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I have a sql table containing
id - query - query name
the first page contains a drop down menu of all the query names. When chosen the user is sent to a page that prints the result of the query in a html table.

Now i nees to find how many rows the table should have.

This counts how many rows i need in the table:

$parts=explode(' FROM ',$query);
$count=explode(",", $parts[0]);

But the problem is that here i explode by commas but the query also contains commas like this: substring (***,19,10) as Part1

My question is how do i count only commas outside these parenteses.

something like this:

start counting commas in parts[0],
when ( accures increase $var to 1,
if $var = 1 dont count commas,
but when ) accures set $var to 0,
and start counting again

The reason why im making it this way is that it's suppose to be possible to just add a query to the sql table no matter how many rows this query needs in output.

Any ideas?

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