Create multiple (n) arrays

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi there,

I have the following need:

I have 2 arrays (coming from a databases)

Array2 is related to Array1 -


Dog, abc
Cat, bcd
Horse, cde

meat, abc
bones, abc
fish, bcd
grain, cde
grass, cde

So, I need the array2 split up into separate arrays - but I am will never know in advance how many rows in both arrays there will be.

Basically, I need to display the data so:




As said, the second array will change very often - but will always have the key from the first array

Any help very much appreciated. I do have it sort of working - but EVERY entry from array2 appears under every entry from array1 :-

here is the code that I have so far written:

Code: <?php
$fquestions = $record->getRelatedSet('Markt.FFragen');
$questions = $record->getRelatedSet('FFragen.Fragen');
foreach( $fquestions as $fquestion ) {
$ffrage = $fquestion->getField('Markt.FFragen::fFrage');
$ffgroup = $fquestion->getField('Markt.FFragen::ffgroup');
$ffrageID = $fquestion->getField('Markt.FFragen::ID');

echo'<h3><a href="#">'.$ffrage.'</a></h3>
foreach( $questions as $question ) {
$frage = $question->getField('FFragen.Fragen::Frage');
$frageID = $question->getField('FFragen.Fragen::ID');
echo '<li>'.$frage.'<div id="slider"></div></li>';
echo '</ul>

Many thanks in advance

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