Final year project, please point me in the right direction

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

hi there for my final year project I'm aiming to build a php script shell to use as an expert system ( I got a feeling this is gonna be difficult, VERY )

The idea is that i create txt / csv file with questions like

1, "How old are you?" , "10", 2 ,"11", 3 , ( where 2 and 3 is the next set of nodes )
2, "Do you like sports?", "yes", 4 , "No", 5
3, "Do you like music?, "Yes", 6 , "No" , 7

At the end of the questions it will somehow produce some html files i've already created which would be the knowledge.

Using this file I need to create a script that supposedly will use the fgetcsv function. I know in the script will need some html code to produce check boxes for the questions and choices. So basically this script can be used by anyone that doesn't know how to program. All the user would have to do is create a decision tree and edit the txt file. I will be using this for my own project.

This is the spec ??? My project handing deadline is 1st May 2009 so ideally I want to be able to finish this by about 1st April for evaluation. The earlier the better.

I've been trying to study php but I just can't seem to piece it together and don't know where to start.
I would like some help please. I not asking for you guys to do it for cause I want to prove to myself I can do this. What I would like is if you guys could kindly give me some pointers such as areas I should look at more. I'm prepared to work hard for this, i just need a tiny bit of help

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