help with this code please?

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


I am trying to build a remote upload script for my image hosting site.

I am using $_GET for testing purposes.

this would be the url you would visit:
This is the error I am getting:
Code: Invalid url given
Im not really sure if this code would even work though I havnt been able to test it

here is the code:


$imgurl = $_GET['img_url'];

// define the filename extensions you're allowing
define('ALLOWED_FILENAMES', 'bmp|gif|ico|jpg|png|tiff');
// define a directory the webserver can write to
define('IMAGE_DIR', '/images');

// check against a regexp for an actual http url and for a valid filename, also extract that filename using a submatch (see PHP's regexp docs to understand this)
if(!preg_match('#^http://.*([^/]+.('.ALLOWED_FILENAMES.'))$#', $imgurl, $m)) {
die('Invalid url given');

// try getting the image
if(!$img = file_get_contents($_GET['img_url'])) {
die('Getting that file failed');

$handle = fopen("$imgurl", "rb");
$filesize = fread($handle, filesize($myFile));

if($filesize <= 1048576) {

// try writing the file with the original filename -- note that this will overwrite any existing filename in the same directory -- that's up to you to check for
if(!file_put_contents(IMAGE_DIR.'/'.$m[1], $img)) {
die('Writing the file failed');

$uid = uniqid();
$image = $m[1].$img;
$master = $uid.$image;

rename("/images/".$m[1].$img."", "/images/".$master."");

$fullurl = "".$master."";

echo "<img src='$fullurl'>";

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