Javascript form submit and radio buttons?

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

When this form is submitted, it is automatically resubmitted using JS.

All my fields are carried over in the $_post except for total, and state which are radio buttons and a drop down.

Code: <p><input type="radio" name="Total" value="30" /> 1 Ticket - $30</p>
<p><input type="radio" name="Total" value="50" /> 2 Tickets - $50</p></td>
<tr><td><p><strong>First Name:</strong></p>
<p><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="FirstName" VALUE="<?=$_POST['FirstName']?>"></p></td>
<td><p><strong>Last Name:</strong></p>
<p><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="LastName" VALUE="<?=$_POST['LastName']?>"></p></td></tr>
Obviously I can't change the value of Total to $_POST['Total'] since that hasn't been set yet. What can I do here?

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