natcasesort works on one server but not on another

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


I have a problem that I was hoping that someone can help me with.

I'm trying to use natcasesort() to sort an array. This works fine on my laptop (which I use for testing and which uses php 5.2.6), but doesn't work at all on the server that hosts my website (it's just displayed unsorted; uses php 5.2.4). Both machines run apache.

I figure that as it works fine in one place, but not in the other, it is likely that the problem is in the difference between the configurations of these two php installations.

Please can you tell me if you have any idea of what could be causing this?

In case it helps shed some light, here's my code (in brief):

Code: [Select] $arr= array();
$arr = ListFilesInFolder( CLIENT_DIR . "/" . $folder . "/" );
$sorted = natcasesort($arr);

Thanks for your consideration.

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