[newb] Image hosting help.

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hey there, I'm new to php, I know some basics and i can code PWN, I'm only 14 but I'm interested in PHP, I have bought a dedicated server, (With unlimited bandwidth of corse, And 2tb Hard drives), And everything is running smooth, I'm looking into coding a image hosting site, Without user registration, Something similar to this: http://hosting.mrkrabz.net/ Were it checks the file size, File extensions and also creates a name for it e.g, If you uploaded image.png, It would do a random number/letter like this
"3d2bjk43image.png" and it would save that image to the directory "/image", Some help would be appreciated!.
P.S i hope i can do it so i can make it so people cannot upload PHP scripts ect, Because i don't want idiots uploading shell scripts and braking my dedi

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