Retreiving objects from Sessions

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi all,

I am getting really frustrated with storing and retreiving objects from a session. But it may be because of my lack of knowledge in sessions
First some system specs:

OS - Vista Home 32bit
Webserver - IIS 7
PHP - PHP 5.2.11

session.auto_start = 1

So, when I decide to store an object array in the session, it works just fine. I can also retrieve it from the session but with an extra attribute mentioning: "__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name" with the value of the Object Name.

Code when I try to retrieve object from session:

Code: $hits = $_SESSION['hitsArray']; // Array of MyObject
AMethodThatDoesSomething($hits[0]); // Requires MyObject Type

And this is where it fails:
I get following information in the debugger:

__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name | MyObject
Attribute 1 | A value
Attribute 2 | Another Value
....And so on....

Ok, so I did some research and found out objects do not work if you have "session.auto_start = 1" in php.ini
AND that you need to add following line above your session_start():

header("Cache-control: private");
session_register('hitsArray'); // Array of MyObject
$_SESSION['hitsArray'] = $hits; // Store into session

So, I changed "session.auto_start = 0" in php.ini and added the required line above. Well then it didn't even store my object array in the session in the first place!

Now I feel that I am stumbling in the dark and hope for someone to be able to help me in my ordeal!

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