Transferring session variables into MySQL

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am trying to transfer $_SESSION variables into MySQL. However there is an error in my MySQL statements.
This is the error that I receive:
Unable to execute the query.
Error code 1136: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Could somebody let me know what exactly is wrong?
Code: <?php
if (empty($_SESSION['FirstName']) ||
empty($_SESSION['LastName']) ||
empty($_SESSION['HomeAddress']) ||
empty($_SESSION['HomeCity']) ||
empty($_SESSION['HomeState']) ||
empty($_SESSION['HomeZip']) ||
empty($_SESSION['HomePhone']) ||
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<h1>Conference Registration</h1>
$DBConnect = @mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "")//MYSQl connection
Or die("<p>Unable to connect to the database server.</p>"
. "<p>Error code " . mysqli_connect_errno()
. ": " . mysqli_connect_error()) . "</p>";
$DBName = "conference"; //create database
if (!@mysqli_select_db($DBConnect, $DBName)) {
$QueryResult = @mysqli_query($DBConnect, $SQLstring)
Or die("<p>Unable to execute the query.</p>"
. "<p>Error code " . mysqli_errno($DBConnect)
. ": " . mysqli_error($DBConnect)) . "</p>";
echo "<p>Successfully created the database.</p>";
mysqli_select_db($DBConnect, $DBName);
$TableName = "attendees";//create table
$SQLstring = "SELECT * FROM $TableName";
$QueryResult = @mysqli_query($DBConnect, $SQLstring);
if (!$QueryResult) {
$SQLstring = "CREATE TABLE $TableName (attendeeID SMALLINT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, firstName VARCHAR(40), lastName VARCHAR(40), homeaddress VARCHAR(40), homecity VARCHAR(40), homestate VARCHAR(2), homezip VARCHAR(10), homephone VARCHAR(40), homeemail VARCHAR(40), comapny VARCHAR(50), companyaddress VARCHAR(40), companystate VARCHAR(2), comapnyzip VARCHAR (10), companyphone VARCHAR(40), trainingsessions VARCHAR(40))";
$QueryResult = @mysqli_query($DBConnect, $SQLstring)
Or die("<p>Unable to create the $TableName table.</p>"
. "<p>Error code " . mysqli_errno($DBConnect)
. ": " . mysqli_error($DBConnect)) . "</p>";
echo "<p>Successfully created the $TableName table.</p>";
$SQLstring = "SELECT * FROM $TableName WHERE firstName='{$_SESSION['FirstName']}' && lastName='{$_SESSION['LastName']}'";
$QueryResult = @mysqli_query($DBConnect, $SQLstring)
Or die("<p>Unable to execute the query igor.</p>"
. "<p>Error code " . mysqli_errno($DBConnect)
. ": " . mysqli_error($DBConnect)) . "</p>";
$NumRows = mysqli_num_rows($QueryResult);
if ($NumRows > 0)
exit("<p>Your name is already registered for the conference!</p>
<form action='PersonalInfo.php' method='post'>
<p><input type='submit' value='Back' /></p>
$FirstName = addslashes($_SESSION['FirstName']);
$LastName = addslashes($_SESSION['LastName']);
$HAddress = addslashes($_SESSION['HomeAddress']);
$HCity = addslashes($_SESSION['HomeCity']);
$HState = addslashes($_SESSION['HomeState']);
$HZip = addslashes($_SESSION['HomeZip']);
$HPhone = addslashes($_SESSION['HomePhone']);
$HEmail = addslashes($_SESSION['HomeEmail']);
$Company = addslashes($_SESSION['company']);
$CAddress = addslashes($_SESSION['caddress']);
$CCity = addslashes($_SESSION['ccity']);
$CState = addslashes($_SESSION['cstate']);
$CZip = addslashes($_SESSION['czip']);
$CPhone = addslashes($_SESSION['cphone']);
$CEmail = addslashes($_SESSION['cemail']);
$HTML5Conf = addslashes($_SESSION['HTML5_camp']);
$PhytonConf = addslashes($_SESSION['phyton_camp']);
$RubyConf = addslashes($_SESSION['ruby_camp']);
$PerlConf = addslashes($_SESSION['perl_camp']);
$GlassFishConf = addslashes($_SESSION['glassfish_camp']);
$SQLstring = "INSERT INTO $TableName VALUES(NULL, '$FirstName', '$LastName', '$HAddress', '$HCity', '$HState', '$HZip', '$HPhone', '$HEmail', '$Company', '$CAddress', '$CCity', '$CState', '$CZip', '$CPhone', '$CEmail', '$HTML5Conf', '$PhytonConf', '$RubyConf', '$GlassFishConf')";
$QueryResult = @mysqli_query($DBConnect, $SQLstring)
Or die("<p>Unable to execute the query.</p>"
. "<p>Error code " . mysqli_errno($DBConnect)
. ": " . mysqli_error($DBConnect)) . "</p>";


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