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Data Alert Wali Dhamki

Data Alert Wali Dhamki

Connect to wifi hotsppot apps going for update


Phone - Connect ti wifi hotsppot apps going for update

Me to FB Lite These days..


Me to FB Lite These days..




tu Bohot change h

Advance Duniya

पूरी दुनिया अब हो चुकी है एडवांस,


Digitally Ladayi


Chrome: Aja shaam hone ayi

Internet explorer: mausam ne li angdayi

Types of Woman

Types of Woman:

HARD-DISK woman:
She remembers everything, FOREVER.
RAM woman

Biggest Internet Lie

The Biggest Internet Lie
that we have all told at least once

B Tech graduate Choukidar ...

Ek Stdnt Ne Engineering Ka Form Bharte Hue Pas
Khade Chokidar Se Pucha : Kesa H College??

If I Were a Painter

If I were a painter......
you would be my painting,
if i were an author.....
you w

Height of Technology

A boy's
facebok status: i am  online on facebok during class

Comment from hi

Wi-Fi Stopped Working

Today my Wi-Fi Suddenly Stopped Working!!
Then I Realized that my Neighbors

Funny Auto Correction in Smart Phones

The Smart Phones these days are really smart!!

it was auto correcte

Real Reason Behind Facebook Buying WhatsApp

The real story behind Facebook buying WhatsApp.

Recently Whatsapp sent message on Mark Zu

If Microsoft Buy Facebook

If Microsoft Buy Facebook

First Notification We’ll Get is . .

Binary Counting

Q: How easy is it to count in binary?
A: It’s as easy as 01 10 11.

New Technology

Before and After Technology!!

Newton's Law
Newton's law: A goat was walking.

NEWTON stopped it. It stopped. He found his first law,

We don't have Windows
Beat this one: Notice on entry gate of a Apple Store in NY :- Don't ever fart here; the smell

What is Attachment!!!
A very emotional quote...... Attachment is not when two people chat day & night..... Atta

American women poll
A recent poll of American women asked the question:

Would you sleep with Bill Clinton?


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