China said - America should stay away from border dispute with India

Posted on 29th Oct 2020 03:58 pm by rohit kumar

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka on October 28 after India. There he called China's communist government a 'violent animal'.


Sri Lanka became uneasy about Pompeo's remarks and President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had to be cleared.


The Sri Lankan President tagged US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Twitter, writing, "Sri Lanka has always been a neutral stand in its foreign policy and we will not get entangled in the confrontation of powerful countries."


The Chinese Embassy in Colombo objected strongly to Mike Pompeo's remarks and issued a written statement.


The Chinese Embassy said that Sri Lanka-China are capable of furthering their mutual relations and no third country advice is needed.


China said that the tour should be respectful and beneficial, not to increase the problem. Earlier Pompeo had also said many things about China during his visit to India.


Pompeo had said that India should not consider itself alone in the matter of border dispute with China, America is standing with it.


On October 28, during the visit of Mike Pompeo and US Defense Minister Mark Esper to India, there was also a statement from the Foreign Ministry of China.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the US foreign minister is again repeating the same lie and violating international relations standards.


China said that the border dispute with India is a bilateral issue and there is no room for any third-party intervention.


There have been two strong objections from China towards Pompeo's visit and his remarks. One from the Chinese Embassy in India and the other from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.


On Tuesday, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh from India participated in the 2 + 2 Ministerial Dialogue of Pompeo and Mark Asper.


Pompeo said after this meeting, "America will stand with the people of India in the event of an attack on sovereignty and freedom".


Pompeo had also targeted the Communist government of China. He had said, "China has nothing to do with democracy, law, transparency, freedom and stability of the region".


China vs USA


The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of fomenting Cold War mentality and confrontation.


China said that America should not involve itself in the border dispute between India and China.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, "I want to make it clear that the border dispute is a matter of India and China." There is no place for any third party in it. Right now the situation on the border is stable and both sides are engaged in solving the problem through dialogue. ''


At the same time, the Chinese Embassy in India has said that the US wants to fight different groups.


China said, "China advocates advancing bilateral relations based on regional stability, peace and progress." The border dispute with India is bilateral. Both countries are trying to resolve the issue through dialogue at the diplomatic and military levels. China and India have the discretion to solve any mutual problem. There is no need for any third party in this matter.


India and China are going to discuss eight stages at the core commander level to reduce tension on the border in Ladakh.


However, the status quo has not yet been restored on the border. There is still a situation of tension on the Line of Actual Control and the situation has not been restored before May.


China also said that America has failed to deal with Covid 19, so wants to shift its problems elsewhere.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry said, "This year our government has managed to win the battle of Covid 19. On the other hand, America is trying to save itself by blaming China for the failure of Covid 19. We hope that the US leadership will focus on dealing with its problems first and not be busy accusing others. ''


The Global Times, an English newspaper known as the mouthpiece of China's Communist government, has written an editorial about Pompeo's visit and the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA).


The Global Times wrote in its editorial comment, "Some people feel that the military partnership between the United States and India is taking a new turn but it is only psychological and transitory." This agreement between India and America will not prove very effective. China does not have to worry about this. China should not blackmail it.


The Global Times wrote, "India has long had strategic doubts about China. It has been deepened by the recent border dispute. But India cannot compete with China on the border by increasing its proximity to America. India is trying to increase the psychological pressure on China by going close to America, but this will not be proved from Galvan Valley to Pangong Lake. "


"Both countries are badly trapped in the Corona epidemic, then they are moving forward this kind of dialogue. If both countries were doing this work a few decades ago and the target would have been the country which was expanding its strength on the strength, There would be a success too. But both countries have chosen the wrong time and the wrong target.


The Global Times wrote, "China does not want its geopolitical expansion, but China's cooperation with the rest of the world cannot be stopped." If America wants to fight with China then stop exporting our agricultural products from our market. Stop selling your burgers, coke, GM products, and iPhones in our market.


"The US should prepare its close ally Australia to consolidate business relations with China. If the US can do all this, then only the world will be convinced that it is reviewing relations with China."

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