CM Yogi in Himachal: 'Aurangzeb's soul has entered Congress...', CM Yogi said in Kullu - only Ram devotees will rule

Posted on 30th May 2024 01:51 pm by rohit kumar

BJP leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has arrived in Himachal Pradesh today on the last day of campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections. During this, he said that we have been in the field for the last three months. Now I am relieved to reach Kullu. I was born in the mountains. We go somewhere else while walking.


Praising BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut from Mandi, Yogi said, 'This girl from Himachal has the bravery of Maharani Lakshmibai. Her voice has echoed in Mumbai. Modi's voice is echoing once again in the whole of India. Congress is in a state of disarray. We will bring those who brought Ram. Only Ram Bhakt will rule in Delhi.


Yogi said that this election has come down to a fight between Ram Bhakts and Ram traitors. Those who promote terrorism, and Naxalism, obstruct the development of India, and rob the rights of the poor are Ram traitors. Ram Bhakt is the one for whom the interest of India is paramount. He recognized the identity of India.


Yogi said- Modi built a new India. In Modi's 10-year tenure, a new India has been built. A new era has begun in air, rail, road, and health facilities. There is a long list of poor welfare schemes. The country's borders have become secure. The youth of Himachal are standing alert on the border. Earlier, Congress used to shrug off terrorism. Terrorist incidents used to take place everywhere in the country. Congressmen used to say that terrorists have come from across the border.


Today terrorism and Naxalism have ended. Now, even if fireworks explode somewhere, Pakistan's explanation comes in advance that it has not done it. This is the new India. First, it does not tease, then it does not let go.


In India, 80 crore people are being given free ration. Pakistan's 23 crore population is dying of hunger. Why have Congressmen become a burden on the country? They should go to Pakistan, no one even gave alms there. Yogi called the Indi alliance a Pandora's Box.


Describing the Congress manifesto as the Muslim League's manifesto, he said that the Congress is going to do the same thing today, which the Muslim League did in 1946. Congress wants to impose Taliban rule in the country. India will be run by Dr. Ambedkar's Constitution and not Sharia.


Congress wants to snatch people's property: Yogi


Congress wants to snatch people's property and give it to intruders. Aurangzeb's soul has entered Congress. Jaziya will not work in the country today. Do not let any Aurangzeb be born in independent India. That is why we deal strictly with such people in Uttar Pradesh. He urged the people to send Kangana Ranaut to Parliament by making her victorious with a huge number of votes.


CM Yogi said that a Ram Bhakt recognizes the identity of India. Ram temple has been built in Ayodhya. You organize Vijay Dashmi in Kullu. Today, a new Ayodhya will be seen. Kashi Vishnath Dham, Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, now preparations are on towards Mathura. We have seen the changing India changing.

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