Corona Vaccine: When will it be available and who will get it first?

Posted on 29th Jun 2020 12:22 pm by rohit kumar

Coronavirus Covid-19, which started from Wuhan in China last year, has so far spread to 188 countries of the world.


So far, one crore people have come under the grip of this disease, while around five lakh people have died.


But till now no vaccine has been created to prevent this epidemic.


However, 120 medical teams are currently engaged in research in different parts of the world to make vaccines to overcome Covid-19. But till now, significant success has not been achieved in this direction.


It is largely speculated that even if the vaccine is found quickly, it will be available only by the end of this year. However, the head of the World Health Organization has also expressed disappointment about making the vaccine several times.


Why is the coronavirus vaccine so important?

It is feared that a large part of the world's population may be affected by the coronavirus. In such a situation, the vaccine can protect these people from the grip of the coronavirus.


If the coronavirus vaccine is formed, the epidemic will not end in one stroke, but then the removal of lockdown will not be dangerous and the provisions of social distancing will be relaxed.


How much progress has been made so far in making the vaccine?

According to the World Health Organization, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed on 31 December 2019. Considering the rapid spread of the virus, it was declared a public health emergency on 30 January 2020.


But there was not much information about this virus in the initial times and due to this, its treatment could not be found soon. Doctors in many countries, including the World Health Organization, are busy making vaccines to deal with it, but the question is, how long will it take to get ready?



At present, efforts are being made to manufacture the corona vaccine in 120 places around the world. In these, the case has reached the clinical trial at 13 places.


Of these thirteen places, five are in China, three in the United States, and two in Britain. While in Australia, Russia, and Germany, the trial is going on in one place.


Preparations have begun in Britain to test the corona vaccine on humans. This trial will be done on 300 people at Imperial College, London. The trial to be held at Imperial College London is being led by Professor Robin Shack.


It has been said that the trial of this vaccine on animals has been successful and this will help in improving immunity.


Antibodies were used in the body of eight patients in the first human trial involving Covid-19. Trial is also being started at 800 people at Oxford University. Apart from this, 10 crore vaccine doses have also been signed with AstraZeneca Company.


Apart from this, top pharmaceutical companies Sunfai and GSK have also collaborated to develop the vaccine. In Australia, the use of two potential vaccines has been started on the Naval. It is believed that its trial on humans will start by next year.


It takes years to develop a vaccine for any disease. Sometimes it takes decades. But researchers around the world hope that they will do the same work in a few months that will develop the vaccine of Covid-19.


Work on Coronavirus Covid 19 is going on at a very fast pace and different methods are also being adopted for making vaccines.


In the opinion of most experts, by the middle of 2021, the vaccine will become a vaccine of Covid-19 i.e. the time taken for the vaccine to develop after the detection of the Covid-19 virus is considered to be 18 months.


If this happens, it will be a huge scientific achievement, but there is no guarantee that the vaccine will be fully successful.


So far, four types of coronavirus have been found which can cause infection in humans. Due to these viruses, symptoms like cold and cough are seen and no vaccine is available for them yet.


How much is left to do now?


All efforts are being made to prepare the Covid-19 vaccine. But still a lot needs to be done in this direction.


After the vaccine is ready, the first task will be to find out how safe it is. If it causes more problems than the disease, then the vaccine will not be of any benefit.


It is to be seen in clinical trials that the vaccine is developing resistance to Covid-19 so that people do not get caught after taking the vaccine.


Even after the vaccine is ready, billions of doses will need to be prepared.


The vaccine will also have to get approval from drug regulatory agencies.


If all this is done then the big challenge will remain, billions of people all over the world will have to make arrangements to get its dose.


The lockdown will slow down all these processes. There is another difficulty too; if fewer people are infected with corona, then it will be difficult to find out which vaccine is effective.


One way to speed up vaccine testing is to first give the vaccine to people and then inject Covid-19 into their body via injection. But this method is very dangerous at present because no treatment of Covid-19 is present.


How many people will need to be vaccinated?

Without knowing how effective the vaccine is, it will not be known. However, to prevent the infection of Covid-19, it is believed that 60 to 70 percent of people will need to be vaccinated.


However, if the vaccine works, it will need to be given to the population around the world.

How is a vaccine made?

Human blood contains white blood cells in the blood which are part of its immune system.


Without harming the body, a very small amount of viruses or bacteria are put into the body through the vaccine. When the body's defense system recognizes this virus or bacteria, the body learns to fight it.


After this, if a person encounters that virus or bacteria, then he knows how to deal with the infection.


For decades, only the real virus has been used in the vaccines made to deal with the virus.


Weak viruses are used to make measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR ie measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccines that cannot infect. Its virus is also used in the flu vaccine.


But in the case of the coronavirus, new methods are being used for the new vaccine that is being made right now and which have not been tested yet. The genetic code of the new coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is now known to scientists and we now have a complete blueprint ready for the vaccine.


Some doctors making the vaccine are trying to prepare a new vaccine from the coronavirus by taking some part of the genetic code.


Many doctors are using the original genetic code of this virus, which once entered the body, produces viral proteins so that the body can learn to fight the virus.


Will people of all ages survive?

It is believed that the vaccine will have less effect on older people. But the reason for this is not because of the vaccine, but because of the immunological capacity of people, as the age increases, the immunity of the person also decreases.


It is seen every year with flu infection.


All medicines also have side effects. Commonly used medication for fever also has side effects.


But unless there is a clinical trial of a vaccine, it is difficult to know how it can affect.


Who will get the vaccine first?


Even if the vaccine develops, the biggest question is, who will get the vaccine first? Because initially the vaccine will have limited supply. Who will get such vaccine first, it is also being prioritized.


Health workers treating Covid-19 patients are at the top of this list. The elderly are most vulnerable to Covid-19, so if it is effective for the elderly, then they should get it.


Until the vaccine is made ...


The vaccine indeed protects the person from disease, but the most effective way to avoid the coronavirus is to keep it clean. To comply with the provisions of social distancing.


You also have to keep in mind that even if you get coronavirus infection then in 75 to 80 percent of cases it is like a minor infection.

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