Poems To Flirt

My Name Is SashaMy Sister Is Leigh I am six And she is threeOur dads always mad He screams and he yells I don’t think he likes us It's Easy to tellM

Can't you seeThe pain in my eyes?But this is meAnd my life.If you hold me closeYou can hear my heartIt cries more than mostFrom being torn apart.After

The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Do
The hardest thing I'll ever do is let go of youAnd look forward instead of back to my past I wonder how long this broken heart will last I guess every

I was once sad and lonely,Having nobody to comfort me,So I wore a mask that always smiled;To hide my feelings behind a lie.Before long, I had many fri

Don't Bring Camels in the Classroom
Don’t bring camels in the classroom. Don’t bring scorpions to school. Don’t bring rhinos, rats, or reindeer. Don’t bring mice or moose or m

I Ain't Been to School
I ain’t been to school, not never before. That’s all changin’ now as I run through the door. I drool on my worksheet then chew on a bo

Mary Had a Little Dog
Mary had a little dog. Its fur was black as night. And everyone that Mary met The dog was sure to bite. It followed her to school one day, Whic

Get Out of Bed!
"Get out of bed, you silly fool! Get up right now, it’s time for school. If you don’t dress without a fuss, I’ll throw you naked on the bus!"

Gym Class
The locker room smells nasty, And my gym shoes smell like feet. My socks smell like they’re made of cheese Or spoiled rotten meat.

What I Found in My Desk
A ripe peach with an ugly bruise, a pair of stinky tennis shoes, a day-old ham-and-cheese on rye, a swimsuit th

What I've Learned at School
At school I’ve learned a lot of things I really like to do, like running in the hallway and eating gobs of glue. I’ve learned I’m good at ma

A Balanced Diet
I eat a balanced diet, I do it day and night— a pound of brownies on my left, a pound upon my right. And filling up my right hand, with clea

Three coffee cups my mother loved lie shattered on the floor. Three ripe tomatoes splattered when they hit the kitchen door. Three jumbo eggs a

The Stuff I Served My Teacher
The stuff I served my teacher was pretty, fairly gross! Like rotten eggs and lumpy milk and burned up purple toast. She gave me too much homework

Save Me
You can't stop itI'm going to dieToo youngToo wiseNo freedomNo speechWithout lifeWithout loveMy familyMy friendsHear me cryMaybe I will make it throug

I Miss You
In the blink of an eyeI didn’t know That I would have to say goodbyeAt night a tear rolls down my cheek One day I will go back to that placeWhere I

My Dream
MY dream, a vagabond,Hovering in endless woe;Wings tattered like a cloth,Searching for the color of joy.My dream, a vagabond,With a long to taste azur

I thought it was a dream, I thought it wasn't realBut pain really hurts and its really how I feelMemories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears

Faithful, Unsure Love
Through all the storms and struggles—All the fights and tussles’,All the disrespect, and abuse, My love was always true.When you made me cry, made

FriendYou and I are friendsYou laugh, I laughYou cry, I cryYou scream, I screamYou run, I runYou jump, I jumpYou jump off abridge, I'm going to miss y


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