Poems To Flirt

Best Of Brands
Get that nit comb through those strands, This lice lotion best of brands, Naught point naught between the prongs, Not short hair, but two feet long

Candy Love
Fly away with me, my dove To a forbidden place where the skittles meet the rainbow. Lay under the Milky Way with me, And let's gaze at the starburs

When You Love The Same Man
He says he loves me, but loves her too, He can't decide between me and you. Friends for ten years and he rips it apart, killing every single inch o

Sometimes I Feel
Sometimes I feel as if it was bad to fall in love at first sight, But other moments it feels like it was just so right. Sometimes I feel as if you d

I Can't Help Myself
When I see you standing there... Did you even notice me? I sit in class and you're on my mind... But you're in that class. At lunch, I stand in line

Another Crush
I don't want to keep feeling this way, Because each time I come closer, you move away. I don't want to seem desperate or clingy at all. I just want

Nothing Like A Fifth Grade Crush
There's nothing like a fifth-grade crush. When you see that girl it's such a rush. She's playing hop-scotch with her two best friends Her hair flow

Stay With Me
Listen to my heart as it screams your name. Look into my eyes as you fix the pain. Kiss my lips and let's disappear. We can run away far from here.

What's The Difference Between Boys And Girls?
Girls? They seem so innocent, so....cute.   They love to play little games such as princesses and jump rope, and they never seem to get in

We Had A Lot Of Fun
We Had A Lot Of Fun Whe We Were Together I'll Never Forget I'll Always Remember   The Laught Thats We Shared The Dreams That we had But Th

The Cake Of Friendship
Preheat the oven of love With plenty of secrets and hugs. Mix in giggles and laughs That make your sides split in half. Bake with the love and car

A Man In The Jar
I once knew a man who lived in a jar. For a stranger sight, you'd have to go far. I asked him once why he lived in a jar. He grimaced and said, how

When I See You
When I see you, Your eyes sparkle while you say hi with the sweetest voice in the world. When I see you, My heart skips a beat, and I don't know wh

I Am Not A Flirt
I'm not just a flirt. When I think about you. It doesn't just hurt. Because you're leaving so soon. Scared and unsure what the void will do. Band

Har nazar ko ek nazar ki talash hai
Har nazar ko ek nazar ki talash hai, Har chehre mein kuchh to ehsas hai, Aapse dosti hum yun hi nahi kar baithe, Kya karen hamari pasand hi kuchh K

Dhadkan Dil Ki Ruk Jati Hai
Mohabbat Karli Tumse Bahut Sochne Ke Baad, Ab Kisi Ko Dekhna Nahi Tumhe Dekhne Ke Baad, Duniya Chhod Denge Tumhe Pane Ke Baad, Khuda Maaf Kare Itna

kuchh rasto par kadam rakh kar
kuch rasto par kadam rakh kar bhi  meri ruh unhe pehchaanti nahi tum puchhtay ho yaad ati hai unki ? me dekhti hun unhe jese me janti tak

Your Beauty
I'll plant a row of daisy seeds,   In the space below each eye,   So they'll remind you of your beauty,   When they bloom each ti

Bhuka Boyfriend
  अजब सी हालत है तेरे जाने के बाद, मुझे भूख लगती नहीं खान

Morning Be Like
  coffee is   all well   and good   but i would   rather   have your   lips   kiss me  


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