To Taste The Sweet Perfection Of Your Embrace

Posted on 25th Sep 2020 03:48 pm by rohit kumar

I have been lucky enough to feel your touch

You are my love and to me you mean so much

Please believe that another soul loves you more than life

You were and are the most perfect and beautiful wife


To taste the sweet perfection of you embrace

Always puts my heart in a better place

Your sweet scent has brought light into my world

For me, you are and will be my only girl


Your tender caresses have filled my heart with life

Oh God knows that I love you, my beautiful wife

Within my eyes I hold you, to hear your voice touches my heart

I can close my eyes and see your beauty, you are with me when we are apart


In your arms, I have known your laughter

I pray that we are together now and forever after

In your smile, I have known peace that has filled my heart

To think of your laughter makes me smile when we are apart

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