Drawing Images in classes

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I'm quite new to Object Oriented PHP. What I'm trying to do is draw some images but also have other content on the page.

Code: include('images.php');
//New Image set
$im=new images();

//Sends headers and images don't work
echo "hello";

//New rect

There are 2 classes; images which extends rect. In the createImage() it draws an image on index.php?img=0 but only if no other headers are sent yet.
Code: function createImage(){
if ($_GET['img']==$this->id){
Code: imagepng($this->im);
ImageDestroy ($im);}
Is there anyway to draw this objects and also have content. I tried to see if I could draw the images through the images class like images.php?img=0 but that didn't work. I was also thinking if there was a way to send an if back to index from constructor and destructor. This is probably really confusing sorry, an help is appreciated

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