IIS on 2003 anon access disabled issue

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I have an IIS server that belongs to a domain, and anonymous access is turned off for all my sites. Users that belong to the 'WebUsers' domain group are granted access to these sites. The issue is when the user is logged on as one of these web users, if he goes to: https://iisserver then he automatically accesses the page, without a usernamepassword login message box popping up. But if he goes to: https://iisserver.domainname.com then the windows login popup DOES come up. What is the difference here? If the user types in the same info that he logged into windows with in this box (domainnameusername and password), then he can access the page, so the login and access is solid, there must be some kind of configuration I'm missing. My SSL certificate is tied to the iisserver.domainname.com name , if that helps.

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