Material Issuing for receiving batch

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Dear All experts in MM/ PP,

Material issuing from main stores to factory is currently using through MB1B - material transfer from location to location ( mvt 311 ) In that case we will see the issuing batch as well as the receiving batch. But we cannot put any control through the system with regard to the transferring materials. If the material stock exsist in the stores , they can transfer whatever the quantity as his wish to factory floor in the system where as not in the physically.

So by making a solution to the above problem , we noted that MF60 ( pull list ) is the ideal way for make to order scenario and as well as to fulfill our requirement. But in the pull list I couldn't see the field of RECEIVING batch indicator ( which should be in free hand text field ) in the screen.

If any one who know how to make a user exit or any provision to enter batch field is very much helpful to me. Pls be comment urgently.


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