Remove values in array2 from array1

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I have two arrays.

Array 1 is where the array key holds various different numbers. For example:
Code: [Select]$array[32] = 1;
$array[122] = 1;
$array[238] = 1;
$array[324] = 1;

The other array holds values in the same way (but may have less values in total):
Code: [Select]$array[238] = 1;
$array[287] = 1;

I want to simply remove any values in array 2 from array 1 (so now array 1 simply holds 32, 122 and 324).

I am sure there is a quick array command that does this - so I won't need to use a foreach loop.

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