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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am using PHP version 5.0.5
I have a varaible ($DATE (date format yyyy-mm-dd)) that is being incremented to populate a table with each day of the month. I am then trying to get the day of week (preferably an integer) for each date in the month. I have tried both
$DOW = date("w", $Date)
$DOW = date("l", $Date)

Using October of this year however $DOW always returns either "3" or "Wednesday". I have checked and the varaible $Date is incrementing correctly. Here is the code snippet:

for ($num = 1; $num <= $Count; $num++) {
if($num < 10)
$SDPart = "0$num";
$SDPart = "$num";
$Date = "2009" . "-" . $SDMo . "-" . $SDPart;

$DOW = date("w", $Date);

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