Showing selected item at top of list

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


I've got a list of names which i am fetching from database like this:
$qry = db_query("SELECT * FROM names");


//prepair list

$html .= '<ul><li>';

while($list = db_fetch_object($qry)){

$html .= '<a>'.$list->name.'</a><div style="height:0px;"></div>';


$html .='</li><li>';




$html .='</li></ul>';

return $html;
Clicking on a name displays its details on next page.
Now my requirement is that i want to display the selected record on next page at the top of the list and rest coming after this record.

I am not getting a way to achieve this!

Please suggest me someway of doing this!

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