Strange HTML Tag?

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I recently noticed some odd HTML appear in some of the websites I host. Not all of them are run on a CMS but the majority (but not all) are running through the same FTP account.

I've searched everywhere for documentation, forums, notes on this particular exploit but haven't been able to find anything. Essentially, there is a small HTML snippet (see below) that appears right before the </html> tag. It's really odd and the characters inside the <b1> are all different strings.

Here's the code that's appearing:
Code: <b1><!--6FY8rhRLeNoNyVsOwiAQBdAdca0PXE5DYVKngSkZrsG4ej2/B80UJt+FlytuMcbnHbmqHEcoMnS3r9aaRshnw5QN+TT+F7NMUFqviTLgXCnuyei6vU3WY3lArcgn9Ff/AVyxJcZ=--></b1>
It's evident that the code is some type of exploit but I'm not sure how deep this goes. Anyone heard of anything like this, or have any idea of what the potential issues that could occur? Thanks for your help!


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