29 elderly people aged over 75 die after vaccine in Norway; Did the vaccine become the reason?

Posted on 18th Jan 2021 02:32 pm by rohit kumar

In Norway, 29 people have died after applying the Corona vaccine. His age was 75 years or more. This has triggered a debate as to whether the plan to apply the vaccine to the elderly around the world has to be changed? Is Pfizer's Vaccine Deadly for the Elderly? Have such cases been reported in other countries?


When did vaccination start in Norway?

Vaccination began on 27 December in Norway. So far, more than 25 thousand people have been vaccinated. Only Pfizer's mRNA vaccine has been approved. It is being used only on the elderly. This vaccine is being used by many countries including America, Britain, and Europe. There are also serious side effects.


What age is the danger to the elderly?

75 years old. In the initial days after vaccination, 23 elderly people were aged 80 years or older. Six more deaths occurred on Saturday. After this, it is being told that 75 years old elderly are also in Danger Zone. This has raised many questions.


Did the vaccine cause deaths?

Yes According to the Medicines Agency of Norway (NMA), most people have died due to the side effects of the vaccine, 13 of those killed have been investigated. 16 other deaths are being investigated. Of those who died, most had severe basic disorders. In most people, side effects were seen as vomiting, fever, reaction at the site of injection, and increasing their chronic problems.


According to Norway's Institute of Public Health (NIPH), the vaccine has little or no benefit for those who do not have much life left. Mild side effects are also proving fatal for those who have severe disorders.


What does the vaccine company say?

Pfizer, a Norway-based vaccine maker, has said that it is investigating these deaths with German company BioNotech. By the way, nothing unexpected has come out so far. NIPH also found in its investigation that such deaths during vaccination are not alarming. This is why it has continued vaccinations for young people and healthy people.


Is this a serious concern for the safety of people?

No. Mass Vaccination Campaign Vaccinates a large number of people. The general theory states that some adversarial events should be expected, including some serious side effects and deaths. Norway's regulators and health officials are not considering it seriously.


"We have nothing to worry about," said Steiner Medson, medical director at the regulator and health agency. The risk due to these vaccines is very low. It is proving fatal for the elderly struggling with many diseases.


Has Norway made any changes in vaccination?

Yes, The Norwegian authorities have left it to the doctors to apply the vaccine and to whom not. That is, doctors will now examine on a case-to-case basis. If it is felt that it is safe to apply the vaccine to the elderly. The vaccine can be fatal for very elderly or sick people. This alert issued in Norway is the first of its kind issued in any country.


Have there been side effects during vaccinations in India as well?

Yes As of Sunday, 2.24 lakh people have been vaccinated in India. Of these, only 447 people have seen side effects. Ie in 0.2% cases. In three cases, there was a chance of getting admitted to hospitals. Two of them were discharged yesterday.


Are there side effects seen in the US as well?

Yes The New York Times itself reported that a 56-year-old physician died in Florida after being vaccinated. Pfizer then stated that she is investigating in this matter with health officials. He also denied that the death had any connection with the vaccine.


The European Medicines Agency assesses medical products in the European Union. She also then monitors. It has been said that the products of companies supplying in the European Union will be reviewed every month. If Pfizer's vaccine is reviewed next week, then surely there will be the issue of deaths in Norway.

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