China had also sent balloon weapon to India: America is afraid – China is testing intelligence for nuclear attack

Posted on 7th Feb 2023 06:12 pm by rohit kumar

What did the Chinese balloon go to do in American territory, 12 thousand kilometers away from China, 24 kilometers above the ground? China says that it was gathering weather information. The US Defense Ministry Pentagon has denied this claim of China.


Defense experts believe that the purpose of such balloons is not to collect weather information or just to spy. Maybe China is inventing some new method for a nuclear attack. According to America's defense expert HI Sutton, a similar balloon has also hovered over India in January 2022.


By which route did the spy balloon come from China to America?


A Chinese spy balloon was seen entering the US airport zone on 28 January. After this, he was seen flying in the Montana area on 3 February. This is a nuclear missile zone in America. The army suspected that China was spying on the balloon. Since then he was being monitored.


After this, on Saturday afternoon, President Joe Biden ordered the balloon to be shot down. After this, the balloon was waited to come in such an area that there would be no danger to the people if it was dropped.


Then all types of air traffic have been closed at a distance of 6 miles from the Carolina Coast. While the balloon was flying at an altitude of 60 to 65 thousand feet, an American F-22 fighter jet shot down the Chinese spy balloon with a missile attack.


Why is the spy balloon not easily caught by the radar?


The history of the spy balloon we are talking about is related to the Second World War. The Japanese army launched incendiary bombs into America through balloons during World War II.


These capsule-like balloons are several square feet. China's spy balloon was 120 feet wide and 130 feet long.


Due to the helium gas in these balloons, they usually can fly at an altitude of 37 kilometers from the ground. For this reason, they have been used to gather information related to the weather. Because of their ability to fly at high altitudes, they are also used for espionage. Also, they do not come under the radar.


According to a 2009 report by the Air Command and Staff College of the US Air Force, spy balloons can scan larger areas at a closer range than satellites. Also, they can spend more time in the target area.


Why was this Chinese balloon a threat to America?


This spy balloon of China was flying at an altitude of 60 thousand feet from Montana city of America on Friday. The air force has a missile and ballistic missile wing in this area. Apart from this, it also flew near America's Wyoming Nuclear Missile Site and North Dakota Nuclear Missile Site.


The Pentagon said the spy balloon's path had taken it over Montana, raising fears it was gathering intelligence on nuclear missile sites.


China claimed on Friday morning that it was a civilian balloon used to gather weather information, but several hours later, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder at the Pentagon said that we know it is a spy balloon.


Experts say that China has given a message through this balloon that it can spy inside America. Benjamin Ho of the Rajaratnam School of International Studies Singapore says that China wants to show that it is not behind the US. With this, the credibility of President Xi Jinping in China will increase among the public.


You can also guess the danger from the fact that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has canceled his visit to China because of this balloon. He was about to go on a 2-day China tour from Sunday.


Can an atomic bomb be carried in this balloon?


Defense experts have claimed that China can use this balloon to carry nuclear weapons. A 2015 report by the American Leadership and Policy Foundation stated that balloons launched by an enemy country could drop nuclear weapons on the US. Also can interfere with the electrical grid.


Air Force Major David Stuckenberg, the author of this report, wrote that such a balloon could be made and launched in a few months. After taking the weapon of several hundred kilograms to such a height, even no radar can detect it.


Stuckenberg said on Friday that this Chinese balloon was a type of dry run launched to send a strategic message to the US.


Defense expert John Parachini told that the balloon which was hovering in the sky of America was almost as long as three buses.


Have bombs been dropped in balloons before also?


It is a matter of 5 May 1945. That is, 3 days before the surrender of Germany in World War II. Six people died in Blay city of Oregon, USA. Local media reports said that large balloons filled with gunpowder were dropped on the dead. These balloons were sent by Japan.


According to old US Navy documents, the balloons were 10 meters wide, and 20 meters high and were filled with hydrogen gas. While releasing these balloons, Japan took advantage of the airflow of the Pacific Ocean. They knew that the wind would carry them straight to America.


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