Putin's threat to the US: Said- We have the world's most dangerous nuclear weapons, yet will not use first

Posted on 9th Dec 2022 12:34 pm by rohit kumar

Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly threatened America without naming it. Putin said – no one should be under the misconception that Russia is behind. We have the world's most dangerous nuclear weapons, but we will not use them first on our side.


During a program on TV, Putin admitted that the war in Ukraine has dragged on for a long time, it is much more than he had estimated. Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Now it has been almost 10 months and the war between the two countries is going on.


Rust will last longer


In a meeting with the Human Rights Council of Russia, Putin said – It has been more than 9 months since the war against Ukraine started. We expect it to stretch further. Many lakh people have become homeless. Many people have died and many are injured. Russia will continue to fight for its rights and interests and whatever is necessary will be done for this.


Putin further said- If we do not use our weapons (atomic) first, it does not mean that we will never use them. If someone does a nuclear attack on our country, we will give a befitting reply for our security.


The Russian President said – We are not mad. Know very well what it means to use nuclear weapons. We have a nuclear stockpile and it is so advanced that no country can compete with us in this matter.


withdrawal of troops from snake island

When Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, it made it clear that it would destroy Ukraine's economy. Under this strategy, the Russian army heavily bombarded Snake Island and captured it. Due to this, all the exports to Ukraine were stopped. The world also had to bear the brunt of this directly. Ukraine's wheat and other agricultural products did not reach other countries and a world food crisis was created.


Two months ago, the Defense Ministry of Russia said in a statement – We have called back soldiers from Snake Island. We do not want any crisis to arise for humanity, so have decided to build a human corridor.


The prolonged ban can cause harm


Putin said in the meeting – European countries are looking for ways to reduce imports from Russia, but this will increase the prices of oil and gas, which will harm their stock market. The general public will also have to bear the brunt of inflation.


Finnish research revealed that in the 100 days of military operation in Ukraine, Russia earned more than 60% of its revenue from European countries. Because the oil and gas trade continued in Russia and European countries.


Experts say that the sanctions imposed on Russia backfired on the countries that imposed those sanctions. If these sanctions continue further, there will be a huge increase in the prices of oil and gas at the global level. Due to this, the common man's pocket will be affected.


Today's era is not of war: Modi

In September 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the SCO meeting held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. In the conversation between the two for about 50 minutes, PM Modi said – Today's era is not of war. We have also talked about this on the phone many times that democracy runs on diplomacy and dialogue.


During the meeting, Putin had told Modi – I am aware of your position and your concerns on the war with Ukraine. We want all this to end as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on what is happening there.


India in support of peace

Since the Russia-Ukraine war that began on February 24, Prime Minister Modi has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky several times over the phone. In October, PM Modi had a conversation with President Zelensky. During this he had said – there can be no military solution. India is ready to contribute to any peace effort.


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