Russia-Ukraine War Updates: Russia's capture of the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk; EU chief said - Ukraine should win this war

Posted on 25th May 2022 12:11 pm by rohit kumar

It has been more than 90 days since the Russia-Ukraine war, but nothing is coming out of the result between the two countries. Meanwhile, Russian forces have captured the Ukrainian cities of Severodonetsk and Donetsk. Governor Pavlo Kyrilenko gave this information to a local colleague via radio.


Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian-backed Donetsk People's Republic said in a post on Telegram that its troops had captured the city and the Russian flag had been hoisted, replacing the Ukrainian flag.


Here, the European Union (EU) has said that it will do everything to ensure Ukraine's victory in the war. EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday that it is not a matter of Ukraine's existence, it is not about Europe, but about the whole international community. Russia's attack on Ukraine must be answered and Ukraine must win this war.


Spanish PM said - Russia is directly attacking the European Union on the pretext of Ukraine

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Tuesday that Russia was directly attacking the European Union (EU) on the pretext of Ukraine. European countries must move forward together. He also said that there are currently more than a million Ukrainian refugees in Spain.


In a special address at the 2022 World Economic Forum annual meeting, Sanchez said he was a child when the Berlin Wall was toppled and the Soviet Union disintegrated.


20 countries extended their help to Ukraine


About 20 countries have offered Ukraine a new security aid package. This information was given by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. According to Austin, about four dozen countries and organizations held online meetings to help Ukraine. At the meeting, 20 countries promised to provide weapons, artillery, ammunition, coastal defense systems, tanks, and other armored vehicles.


Denmark to provide Harpoon anti-ship missile system


According to the US Defense Secretary, Denmark has offered to send a Harpoon anti-ship missile system to Ukraine. At the same time, the Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with new technology helicopters, tanks, and rocket systems. Ukraine has asked the US for long-range rockets, and mobile batteries for the M270 MLRS and M142 Himars.


Ukrainian authorities said on Tuesday that the bodies of 200 Ukrainian citizens were found during an excavation of the rubble of an apartment in Mariupol.


During the Russia-Ukraine war, Orban of Hungary created a state of emergency.


Ukraine is collecting the bodies of dead Russian soldiers from the rubble of former cities.


Their DNA to tattoos are being used to identify soldiers.


Ukraine claims - two months ago there was an attempt to assassinate Putin


Major General Kyrlo Budanov, a Ukrainian military officer, has claimed that there was an attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past, but he narrowly escaped. This claim comes at a time when Russia has intensified attacks on Ukraine.


According to Budanov, the failed attempt took place in the Caucasus region lying between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, shortly after the invasion of Ukraine. He gave this information on Tuesday during a conversation with the Ukrainian online newspaper Ukranska Pravda.


Russia will improve relations with China


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow would now focus on improving relations with China. Lavrov said – now the western countries have come into the role of dictators, our economic ties with China will increase further. Lavrov said that the information and communication technology that China has is better than Western countries. Russia is working on reducing its dependence on imported goods from Western countries. However, proposals from Western countries to improve relations will also be considered.


Zelensky said - I will only talk to Putin to stop the war


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that I will not discuss the issue of stopping the war with any Russian official other than Putin. Apart from this, there is no point in talking about any other issue. He said a Russian attack last week killed 89 people in the Chernihiv area, north of the capital Kyiv. According to Zelensky, this is the first time in the early days of the war that so many Ukrainians have been killed simultaneously.


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