WHO said - Corona will be worse than bad now, even more frustrated with vaccine and immunity

Posted on 14th Jul 2020 01:03 pm by rohit kumar

The World Health Organization has said that if the concrete step is not taken, the coronavirus epidemic will worsen.


WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adnom Gabriel said that many countries in the world are going in the wrong direction in dealing with Corona. Dr. Tedros said that new cases of infection with the Coron virus are increasing and this proves that the precautions and remedies being talked about are not being followed.


North and South America are the worst in the grip of this disaster. New cases of infection are increasing rapidly between health experts in the US and the ongoing tension in President Trump.


According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States is currently suffering the most from Corona. So far, 33 lakh people have been infected here and more than one lakh 35 thousand people have died.


What did the WHO say?

During a press conference in Geneva on Monday, Dr. Tedros said that the way leaders around the world are trying to deal with the epidemic has reduced people's confidence.


Dr. Tedros said, "The Coronavirus is still the number one enemy of the people, but the steps that many governments around the world are talking about it do not indicate that they are not taking Corona as a serious threat." ''


Dr. Tedros said that social distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks are effective ways of avoiding this epidemic and they need to be taken seriously.


He warned that shortly it does not seem that everything will be normal as before. Dr. Tedros said, "If the basics are not followed, then there is only one way that the corona will not stop and it will continue to grow." It will go from bad to worse. ''


WHO's emergency director Mike Ryan said that the lockdown in the US and the opening of some areas fear the spread of infection more quickly.


In Latin America, more than one lakh 45 thousand people have lost their lives to Corona. It is being said that the death toll will increase further because there is not enough testing. More than half of these deaths occurred in Brazil.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was against a strict lockdown. Rather, he used to make fun of lockdown and later found himself infected.


Dr. Ryan said that the lockdown is causing huge economic loss but in some places, lockdown is very important to prevent infection.


He urged governments around the world to adopt a clear and strong strategy. He also said that citizens should also understand its seriousness and follow the guidelines.


What about vaccine or immunity?

Dr. Ryan said, "We have to learn how to live with viruses and learn it." It is not true to expect that the virus can be killed or an effective vaccine will be ready in a few months.


He said, "As of now, it is not known whether immunity is being made in those recovering from the coronavirus and if it is being made, then it is not known how long it will be effective.


On Monday, scientists at King's College, London, released a report and said that immunity in patients recovering from corona can be of short duration.


Scientists studied 96 people on how the body naturally encounters corona through antibodies and how long it lasts. The meaning is not yet clear how long patients with corona can recover after recovering. The antibodies found in all the people involved in this study could have prevented the coronavirus, but their levels had started to decrease over three months.


The WHO said in its press conference that there has been evidence that children below 10 years were partially affected by Covid-19, while those above 10 showed similar symptoms. To what level can children spread the virus infection remains to be known.

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