Why has the Taliban government become a noose for Pakistan?

Posted on 13th Oct 2021 05:52 pm by rohit kumar

The Taliban's interim government has been formed in Afghanistan, but still, the biggest challenge for it is to gain international recognition.


The Taliban government is making every effort to get recognition, but Pakistan is also trying its best to get the Taliban government recognized.


Even Pakistan has advised America to keep restraint on its feelings.


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said in an interview on Monday that America will have to control its emotions. Americans are in shock right now. If this does not happen then Afghanistan will collapse. If this does not happen, Afghanistan will become a stronghold of extremists.


Imran Khan said that unless America takes the lead, we will be worried about spreading chaos in Afghanistan and it will affect us the most. To stop the radical elements within the Taliban, it is also necessary to support it.


Pakistan has been raising this matter from different forums. Even during the United Nations General Assembly, Pakistan had insisted on recognizing the Taliban. Imran Khan has been saying that the whole world will be affected by the unstable government in the Taliban.


Pakistan's effort to get the Taliban government recognized is visible. Imran Khan is warning the whole world about the dangers arising due to unstable Afghanistan.


But, why is it important for Pakistan to recognize the Taliban government even after Afghanistan was occupied by the Taliban and an interim government was formed? What does this delay mean for Pakistan?


International affairs experts believe that after the formation of the Taliban government, the situation has not been according to the expectations of Pakistan, due to which many challenges have been created for itself.


not expected results

Professor Harsh Pant, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs at King's College in London, says that the Taliban government has been formed with the help of Pakistan, but the results after that are not as favorable. On the one hand, the Taliban is not living up to the expectations of the international community, and on the other hand, the appeal of Pakistan is also being lost.


He says, "The difficulties faced by the Taliban government in Afghanistan since the departure of the American forces, the humanitarian and economic crisis has arisen, it seems that Pakistan was not very clear about these results. Perhaps it expected this. Was that China and Russia would give recognition but now they too are silent.


Pakistan's internal troubles are increasing due to the non-recognition of the Taliban from anywhere.


The aid to Afghanistan from the IMF and the World Bank has also been stopped. Unless America gives recognition, neither the way of help can open nor the support of western countries.


But, due to the worsening economic situation in Afghanistan, the problem of refugees in Pakistan may increase, about which it has expressed concern in the past.


Pakistan's concern is also that due to increasing instability and bigotry in Afghanistan, the hands of the Pakistan Tehreek Taliban may become stronger.


Professor Harsh Pant explains, "Now it seems that unless America gives recognition, nothing is going to happen. Therefore, the whole effort is to put pressure on America. Pakistan has repeatedly attacked the Taliban in foreign media and international forums. raising the issue."


increasing pressure from within

Even though China and Russia are not recognizing the Taliban government, but there is increasing pressure on Pakistan to recognize it. This voice is rising that instead of looking at other countries, Pakistan itself should take steps forward.


Fazlur Rehman, the head of Pakistan's Islamic political party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, has demanded that Pakistan should recognize the Taliban government.


Rehman is one of the prominent clerics of Pakistan and also heads the Pakistan Democratic Front, the largest coalition of opposition parties.


According to Professor Sanjay K Bhardwaj of the Center for South Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, if the Taliban government had been recognized, the situation could have been very favorable for Pakistan. This would increase his importance in the Taliban government, this achievement in Pakistan, and for the US and China, he would have remained important as a medium of contact with the Taliban. But, the problem is that at present nothing like this seems to be happening, but the government of Pakistan is also facing pressure in its own country.


credibility in the Taliban


Experts believe that to maintain its influence and credibility in the Taliban, it is also necessary for Pakistan to recognize the Taliban government.


According to Professor Sanjay K Bhardwaj, "If the Taliban government is not recognized, the credibility that Pakistan has maintained in the Taliban will suffer. The question will also arise as to why the Taliban government should listen to Pakistan. Than the Taliban in their way. Will handle, due to which the situation of 1996 can be created."


"The difficulty is that Pakistan is repeatedly talking about inclusive government and human rights, but the Taliban is not ready to listen. There is no change in the Taliban according to the demand of the international community. In such a situation, Pakistan is in trouble from both sides. So prepares the Taliban to change, nor is it able to turn the international community in favor of the Taliban.

Relations with America and China

Pakistan's relations with America may remain tense, but America's cooperation is also necessary for it. At the same time, he also wants to maintain his cordial relations with China.


At present, Pakistan remains heavily dependent on China for its economic, logistics, and nuclear program.


According to experts, China also has its interests in Pakistan. Through Pakistan, he is trying to strike a balance with India, increase contacts with the Taliban and reduce America's influence in Asia.


Sanjay K Bhardwaj says, "If Pakistan loses influence over the Taliban in Afghanistan, it may lose its importance to China in Afghanistan. At the same time, the US may also shun it because it has already lost its relationship with Pakistan to the Taliban. Pakistan has to cultivate America, the Taliban, and China together, which is not possible without recognition.


why Pakistan does not recognize

Now questions are also arising as to why Pakistan is reluctant to recognize the Taliban government.


Pakistan has been ahead among countries that recognized the previous Taliban government in 1996. Even today, he is advocating for recognition, but so far Pakistan itself has not come forward and recognized the Taliban government.


If experts are to be believed, then Pakistan does not want to take any risk by starting recognition. If bigotry continues to dominate the Taliban government, then Pakistan may have to face criticism for it.


One reason is also the economic condition of Pakistan. Pakistan's economy is going through a crisis phase and it currently remains on the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force. There are financial sanctions on him.


In such a situation, the support of the Taliban government can further tarnish the image of Pakistan.


Professor Sanjay Bhardwaj says, "Now the situation has changed a lot since 1996. Earlier the world did not care what was happening in Afghanistan. Now the whole world is talking about human rights. Then Tehreek-e- There was no Taliban and there was not that much terrorism in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the first recognized Taliban, are also keeping silent. Pakistan alone cannot take such a big step."


Professor Harsh V Pant considers another reason behind this. He says that if Pakistan and other allies give recognition, then they will not have any edge. Right now if the Taliban has to make a concrete commitment, its need for recognition can be used for that.

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