Silly Poems

Happy Birthday, Sister
Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates the fact that you were able to make another trip around the state.   So, let's

A Word To Husbands
 To keep your marriage brimming  With love in the loving cup,  Whenever you're wrong, admit it;  Whenever you're right, shut up

Green Colour
Green is so important Because we see it all around It's up very high on the trees And on the grass that is on the ground   Green is the colo

Messy Room
Whosever room this is should be ashamed! His underwear is hanging on the lamp. His raincoat is there in the overstuffed chair, And the chair is bec

After The Party
It's getting late, I must go I had a beer where did it go I had to pee. I know it's here. Can't find my keys, where's my shoes. I gotta go take an

Playing Dodgeball
So much thrown at me, And up against a wall I feel like I've spent my life, Playing a game of dodgeball.   Something was thrown from the lef

King For A Day
I'm resting here quite regally, The feature of the table. Surrounded by potatoes that I'd taste if I were able.   My subjects, scrubbed and

Problem On The Holidays
On New Year's Day, my cat ran away For Valentine's Day, no girls mold be mine On St. Patty's day I got pinched by some laddies On Easter, I lost al

Laughter Is A Gift
Laughter is a gift It doesn't mean your fit But it will soften any tension It could be considered Stress prevention.   Find a reason to laug

Take The Time
Who learns and learns, Nor acts on what he knows, Is one who plows and plows, But never takes the time to sow.   They say talk is cheap It

Two Beers...
Larry came into my bar Every day to drink two beers. "My brother’s death; one’s for him," He said, his eyes full of tears.   Eac

I’m Going to Be Famous
I’m going to be famous! I’m going to be great! For every award I’m the best candidate.   I’ve got an idea to solve

The Good Little Boy
Once there was a boy who never Tore his clothes, or hardly ever, Never made his sister mad, Never whipped for bein' bad, Never scolded by his Ma,

How And When
We are often greatly bothered By two fussy little men, Who sometimes block our pathway - Their names are How and When.   If we have a task o

Dirty Face
Where did you get such a dirty face, My darling dirty-faced child? I got it from crawling along in the dirt And biting two buttons off Jeremy's shi

How and When
We are often greatly bothered By two fussy little men, Who sometimes block our pathway - Their names are How and When.   If we have a task o

Too Careful
I don't believe in taking excess risks, But a person can be excessively careful, too. A friend of mine checks every detail twice; He's the most met

Teenage Princess
I know how it is to need money-- As much as I can get; My teenager goes to the mall, And I go into debt.   Most kids' first words are "Ma-ma

Thank God For Plumbers
Two old friends met on the street, Hadn't talked in many a year; "How's your family,?" asked this dear old friend, "I'd really like to hear." &nbs

My Big Fat Cat
I own a big fat cat- The fattest for miles around. Wherever there's lots of food, That's where he'll be found.   He's good at eating. It's


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