Sending CC Info by email

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am a little bit less knowledgable in the security area as most developers and I know I have a lot to learn so maybe this is a start. But I have a client who just came over to us and previously was sending credit card information via smtp to his email. I saw a post made here about how unsafe it was to send credit card information over email. I figured this was the case, but then I had to come up with an alternative, and I am not the most knowledgeable as I mentioned so I figured I would ask the wise ones of the community! What's the best way of getting this CC info to our client, because I would rather not store it on our server anywhere as that exposes us to a lot of liability. Would an SSL certificate do the job? I don't know the specifics about SSL certificates either, but I believe they encrypt any information on a site? Or am I wrong there too?

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