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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 01:33 pm by admin

I want to display link on the page. i am fetching the data(URL) from database,actually before that i am checking if it is URL or not. if it is URL, let take an example so it should take me directly on the Google's page after clicking on that link .

but now the problem is the path is something like this.

Quote mydomain/myfolder/mysubfolder/
i want directly

Here is my code

Code: [Select]if($row['which_mail'] == "decline")


$ab = $row['content'];
echo $ab ;
// echo "<b>Last message for decline mail is</b>-".<a href='$ab'>".$row['content']."</a>.";

echo "<a href='$ab'>".$row['content']."</a>";

$decline =$row['content'];

echo "<b>Last message for decline mail is</b>- $decline";

Can anyone look into my code and tell me how can i achieve that?

Thanks in advance.

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