this code is strange !

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi i got this code from the web.. It checks for live and dead socks
It is working perfectly on my localhost. but does not work in any webserver ! any ideas ?

$filename = "proxies.txt"; //or a localpath.
$ipset = explode("n",$rel); // explode it based on your delimiter.
foreach($ipset as $ips)
//Porxy string format might be
$fp = @fsockopen("tcp://".$host,$i,$errno,$errstr,10);
// tcp:// because, socks4 uses TCP and socks5 uses TCP & UDP
echo("Result is $fp");
echo ("port " . $i . " open on " . $host . "");

Waiting for replies....

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