Wordpress IE issue

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 01:33 pm by admin

So I am trying to add the background shadow to my wordpress page. It works fine in Firefox but does not in IE.

So here is the original code:

<?php get_header(); ?>
<?php sy_pre_content(); ?>

<div id="content">

<?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
<div class="post" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">
<!--<h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2> -->
<div class="entry">
<?php the_content('<p class="serif">Read the rest of this page &raquo;</p>'); ?>

<?php wp_link_pages(array('before' => '<p><strong>Pages:</strong> ', 'after' => '</p>', 'next_or_number' => 'number')); ?>

<?php endwhile; endif; ?>
<?php if (('open' == $post-> comment_status) && ('open' == $post->ping_status)) {
// Both Comments and Pings are open ?>
You can <a href="#respond">leave a response</a>, or <a href="<?php trackback_url(); ?>" rel="trackback">trackback</a> from your own site.

<?php } elseif (!('open' == $post-> comment_status) && ('open' == $post->ping_status)) {
// Only Pings are Open ?>
Responses are currently closed, but you can <a href="<?php trackback_url(); ?> " rel="trackback">trackback</a> from your own site.

<?php } elseif (('open' == $post-> comment_status) && !('open' == $post->ping_status)) {
// Comments are open, Pings are not ?>
You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

<?php } elseif (!('open' == $post-> comment_status) && !('open' == $post->ping_status)) {
// Neither Comments, nor Pings are open ?>
<!-- Both comments and pings are currently closed. -->

<?php } edit_post_link('Edit this entry','','.'); ?>

<?php comments_template(); ?>

</div><!-- content -->

<?php sy_post_content(); ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

my new background is a <div id="shadow"> I put it on the very first and last line of the code.

Any idea why IE does not display the shadow? Actually this div is breaking the page in IE.

Thanks in advance

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