Bluetooth RSSI & VIsta

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Okie I got 4 Bluetooth adapters, a DBT-120 by Dlink, A Zonet Microsoft Bluetooth which is what I used with 32Feet and another TOS Bluetooth Adapter, and I got a 1000HE by Asus which has Broadcom WIDCOMM stack.

My only goal is to get a RSSI reading on a Desktop Vista Machine... Anyone know what I need to do to get this done?

I would love to use 32Feet to do this, I dont care what Bluetooth stack is involved. From my research Widcomm requires MFC but I guess things have changed sence then =) Thanks to Mr.Foot

Can anyone point me in the right direction.. And I dont care if I have to buy another BT adapter at all. Thanks!!!!!

Even more info as a sidenote, The reason why im doing this is cause I need to tell the distance of how far the bluetooth peer is, RSSI is the closest thing I can come to, To resolve this.... Thankyou! __________________
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