cstdatomic (c++0x std::atomic) / g++ 4.4

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


I'm trying to use cstdatomic (std::atomic in the upcoming c++0x standard) in g++ 4.4, but it doesn't seems to work as expected and I would like to known if I missed something...

My goal in the code below is just to test differents ways of concurrency (mutex vs atomic) : 4 threads increments counters in 3 ways.

1 - with std::mutex : works perfectly but slightly slow (lock / unlock)
2 - with g++ atomics "builtins" : works perfectly
3 - with std::atomic : doesn't works.

here is the code :


int cnt_mutex = 0;
int cnt_builtins = 0;
std::atomic cnt_stdatomic = {0};
std::mutex smutex;

/* thread code */
void thrcode(int thrid)
/* counter local to thread */
int cnt_local;
for (cnt_local = 0; cnt_local < 10000000; cnt_local++)
/* c++0x fetchadd -> FAIL */

/* g++ builtin fetchadd -> OK */

/* scoped std::mutex : OK */
std::unique_lock lockit(smutex);
printf("thread(%d) : cnt_local %dn",thrid,cnt_local);

int main() {
/* thread init */
std::thread m1(thrcode,1),m2(thrcode,2),m3(thrcode,3),m4(thrcode,4);

/* wait all thread */
m1.join(); m2.join(); m3.join(); m4.join();

/* display counters */
printf("end : cnt_mutex %d, cnt_builtins %d, cnt_stdatomic %dn",


compile with : g++ -std=c++0x mt.cpp -O3 -pthread && date && ./a.out && date

it give :
dimanche 4 octobre 2009, 19:10:28 (UTC+0200) (french time...)
thread(1) : cnt_local 10000000
thread(3) : cnt_local 10000000
thread(4) : cnt_local 10000000
thread(2) : cnt_local 10000000
end : cnt_mutex 40000000, cnt_builtins 40000000, cnt_stdatomic 39990400
dimanche 4 octobre 2009, 19:10:46 (UTC+0200)

cnt_stdatomic counter is incorrect... Someone could tell me where i'm wrong, did i miss something in code ?

(I'm using g++ version 4.4.1 Ubuntu 4.4.1-4ubuntu6)

Thanks !

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