Dump with added_funcion cl_salv_table

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi there, I'm having some troubles adding a self defined function to an ALV in fullscreen. The thing is that I'm getting a dump after I press de button of my added function; the exception is CX_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND within the CL_SALV_FUNCTIONS->IS_SALV_FUNCTION.

Althoug I can press my new button, it seems that the function code haven't been added to the functions table checked in the IS_SALV_FUNCTION method and so the exception is thrown.

As far as I know you only have to add a function code within your own gui status and provide the logic in the event handlers, is there anything fancy to do when defining the function in the status for this to be considered as a SALV function? I've also followed some tutorials on this an by copying the gui status SALV_STANDARD and using the added function of this status gui does not throw any exepction...


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