Help! refer to a friend script with captcha code

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi guys, I am posting on here in desperate need for some help with an ongoing search I have been doing for the last few weeks.

Basically I have searched the web, high and low for a "mail to a friend" php (or even javascript) code that will:

1) Send a friend the URL of the page they clicked the "mail a friend" link from.
2) The submit form HAS to have some form of captcha code to stop spamming. And if possible shows the URL that is going to be sent as a preview to the sender.

I have honestly searched everywhere, seen some good scripts but they either dont work or are missing one of the above that I need. I dont even mind paying a small fee it if does what I want it to do.

I have a 600 page website so I need more than a refer my website script, it has to be a refer this webpage script.

Also, one other thing, is there a way of adding a "tweet this webpage" so that visitors can click on it and it then takes them to the mail twitter log in page, they log in and their tweet defaults to "Wow check out this great webpage (puts the url in from the page they clicked "tweet this page").

Hope that makes sense and any help would be SO appreciated as I have given up the search, lol.


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