User feedback after MySQL query has been executed

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi all, I've just registered on PHPFreaks because I've got a question that I simply can't work out by myself.

Im developing a web based reporting application, based upon PHP/MySQL. At some point the user can chose some parameters from a form like dates etc and hit a button, then the form data is submitted to execute_report.php, which contains some code as follos:

Code: <html>
Some html stuff here, like text output for the user, that the query xyz has been started

Here goes the first query

Then html code again to insert a line that the query has finished

Another line of text that the next query has started

And the next MySQL query

Text again that the query has finished ... and so on

Basically everything works like a charm. The queries do what I want and deliver the output and results just fine. What bugs me is, that all results and the html text output are only displayed after the last query has finished.

During the whole executing time, the browser just says "Loading" until the queries have executed, then all results are displayed the way I intended them to.

I already tried experimenting with putting the queries into functions and also with sleep commands, but to no avail.

I would love to give the user a feedback before a query starts and after it has finished, sort of in "Real time". Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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