How do I create a 2D game "camera" to follow player?

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

In J2ME programming I'm targeting MIDP 2.0 devices.

I'm using gamecanvas and I was thinking that I could create my full world (640 x 480) using a TiledLayer and then set the refpixel of the TilerLayer to the bottom right (thats where the player is going to start) and then draw it on the game canvas which I was thinking would be the full width/height of the phone screen. I can do this right?

Now my real question is... (yes I googled it but couldn't find it!) how do I get a camera like effect? Basically I want the psychical display to follow the player around in a world that is larger than the psychical display. Could I set the game canvas ref pixel to be center with my player?

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