How to implement HTTP connection timeout

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi All,I would like to implement an HTTP connection timeout.

I am working on a application which uses HTTP connection,
but the problem here is that the response from server
is late... I want to create a timeout against HTTP
request such that if response doesn't come within sec
then the connection should get closed.

Please let me know how I can implement this.

Code is like:

HttpConnection connection = null;
connection = (HttpConnection), Connector.READ);
int responseCode = connection.getResponseCode();

I am receiving response code almost after 2-3 sec.. and
sometimes 1-2 mins too, which makes my application hang.

I want to create a timeout for such situation, Please let
me know how I can implement.. "connection" variable is
a local variable.


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