i want run some web server under the ip sharer

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

hello i want run some web server under the ip sharer
my ip is floating ip but it doesnt matter since i can use DDNS
first what i do is Install and run the IIS on Windows xp sp3
and check of the DHCP option and set the default gateway as and I set the DNS server too and I setthe virtual IP as for not to crash with other computer ip
for now everthing is o.k. when I try to access to the index.html page is apear what I setted before
but the thing is when i try to accesse by public ip the page is doesnt apear!
I also set the DMZ to
what am I suppose to do ? I working hard for this over 15 hours some body please help me~~~
ps.im using vmware too does it effect to my host os?

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